Current state of Android TV app?

Great news, I finally got my Shield TV console, and it is even faster than the Nexus Player, which is hard to believe. Every tab in the Tablo app displays all content instantly, and recordings play back with literally 0 (zero) buffering, both in starting playback and fast forwarding through commercials. This is the fastest streaming device I have ever used, as it should be considering the cost. I don’t think I have ever been happier with @TabloTV before.

That being said, Nexus Player is still awesome, with only a second or two delay doing anything in the Tablo app. For $50 it’s hard to beat. It’s still about 10x faster than the experience on a Roku 3, so I use it in my secondary viewing room.

All of my tests are used via AC 5 GHz WiFi (I pay for 40 mbps down, 5 mbps up through CenturyLink), with an Archer C7 router on the 10mbps 1080p recording setting.

@getcashmoney, What is performance of your Nvidia Shield like when selecting live shows from the guide for playback?


Does the Tablo Android TV app work on an actual Android “TV” like the Sony TV’s thinking about buying one?

Yes, those run the same Android TV OS as the set top boxes. I’m not sure what processor is in the new Sony TVs though so performance might not be as good as the NVIDIA Shield. Regardless, its performance will likely be faster than anything less than a Roku 4 and much better than any other TV interface.

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@famichel3, I tested out live TV playback for you. The entire grid loads about after 1 second, with no lag whatsoever scrolling between channels. Playback started in about 10-15 seconds on 3 tests that I did. I honestly don’t know if Shield TV needs that much time, but I guess it’s a hardware limitation of Tablo itself. I never watch Live TV personally unless it is a major event, I usually watch recordings.

It definitely should! The hardware likely won’t be as fast as the Shield but you should be able to load & interact with the app.

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