Current connected device

It’s quite simple to change Tablo devices through the settings menu. A little convoluted, but it works. Knowing which Tablo you’re connected to at startup would be a great addition.

It’s also true that I can go to: Settings>Account>Switch Tablo>Yes, Switch Tablo… and then back out of the app so that I’m able to choose which machine I’d like to connect to upon relaunch.

I’m wondering if one of two places would be great to have this information. A small line of text either near the Recording Space area of the Library would be helpful since that’s where most of us first go to when we’re in our apps. It would also be a great place to offer the ability to switch devices since you can see in that area whether your show is right there or on a different Tablo. Another possible option would be directly upon launch, somewhere on the Home screen. This one seems a littler harder to place, but I think that it would make that page a little more useful.

A simpler, less elegant solution, would be to offer this option upon every launch of the app, but I think this would grow old quite quickly if you have only one Tablo or only want to use one machine on that particular device. (Unless there would be an option to select and maintain a default Tablo for whichever device you’re watching on.)

I switch between my two 4th gen devices several times throughout my viewing experiences, never seeming to recall which machine has the recording I’m looking for. It’s possible I’m alone in this, but purchasing two Tablos before the 4-tuner was available has made finding my recordings a bit of a challenge. A mild one, for sure, but time consuming enough that I think a feature like this could open up better functionality.

how does that work on a roku device. And if they had actually implemented a disconnect, like what exists on a legacy tablo, the app isn’t associated to any specific tablo and you have to select your tablo when the app starts.

I’m not sure I understand what would need to be different for the Roku than the Android/Fire version. In which way are you saying there is a difference? The home screen as well as the library tab appear to be the same on all of my devices. On Roku, I can’t “switch Tablo” and exit the app like I can on Android/Fire so that I can choose at launch, but on any TV or stick I use, the last machine I connected to is the one it automatically uses at next launch.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question. Your reply, however, has me thinking that a general disconnect option before exiting an app sounds like it would work (I don’t have a legacy machine, so I don’t know what that looks like or how well it functions.)

If you live in a house full of people do you really know who the person was that last used the app and/or what tablo it was last connected to.

That sounds like it’s speaking to my point. Even I don’t remember which Tablo I last connected to. I’d been heading to settings at each app launch to figure this out before I discovered the switch Tablo trick. A nice little reminder somewhere on the home screen or library would tell me almost immediately what recordings might be available.

Thinking about your previous reply, when exiting the app, a screen pops up asking if you’re sure you want to exit. This might be a good place to have a third “yes, and disconnect” option. I love the idea of being able to quickly disconnect so that I can decide what to do the next time I open the app.