Creating a Favorites channel list in Live Guide

With Gen 4 Tablo and Firetv. Has anyone been able to create a favorite
channel list in the live grid guide? Would like to see only the channels I watch most often(ie…ABC,CBS,NBC,Fox…etc) and not scroll through dozens of channels to get to them. If there is a way would you please share.

Click on a program in the guide on a channel you want to favorite (not the channel number on the far left). A window will pop up with info about the program and selection options to watch or record. At the bottom is a + sign with “Add … to Favorites”. Click that and it will add the channel to your favorites list.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information. This sounds like just what I was looking for…Can’t wait to give it a try.


How do you display the favorites list? I can add channels to the favorites, but can’t seem to get the live guide other than all the channels.

In the guide, click the little box near the top left where it says “Channels” and has 4 small squares.

That will open another screen with options.

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Mine doesn’t say Channels at the top, or anywhere else. And no 4 small squares.

Currently just using an Ipad.

I don’t think you can with the phone type apps, they have limited features in them compared to the streaming device apps like Android, Roku…

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No + button

How do you add channels to favorite list?

Click on a show you want to watch or record. Select “Add (station) to Favorites” in the popup.

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Thank you. How would you just display “favorite” channels in the live guide?

If you’re using an Android, FireOS or Roku device on a television,

I don’t think it’s possible from a tablet or phone.

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Thank you so much…just what I was looking for.

I just realized that the “my favorites” is the same list of favorites regardless of which platform is connecting to the Tablo, so if I setup a list of my favorites on my iPhone, everyone else in the house on fireTV will only have that list and Vice verse.

I set only four channels on my iPhone to be in my favorites, but now my firesticks and fireTV’s all show only those same four channels. I think this should be app specific.

On the fireTV or firestick I can choose to look at “All channels” or “my favorites” but the favorites are the same so it’s a Tablo device list, not a app list.

I don’t mind the favorites being the same no matter the TV.

However… I do mind that if I have favorites on Tablo1, when I switch to Tablo2, my favorites guide should be different.

If I remove a favorite from one Tablo, switch to the other Tablo, that channel is also removed from that Tablo. I’ve only set favorites on one device, but it still shows up as the exact same on the other one. This is very weird behavior, but might also explain why the guide is messed up if my saved channels aren’t the same on each Tablo.

Each Tablo is used for different purposes. I don’t need the same channels set as favorites when I record different channels on each device!

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On iOS,

There is no way to tell the live guide to only display your favorites on iPhone live guide, so When you choose channels on the iPhone live guide and make them your favorites on the live guide, it creates thumbnails on the Home page with those channels only that you can click on and watch from there.

I don’t mind but if I have a list of favorites on my phone, my kids might want a different list for their TVs in their bedrooms and they might decide to change the list which changes them for my phone also.

Tablo solution: Buy each kid their own Tablo… :joy::joy:

I figured you meant something like that, but since Tablo has no security and anyone logged into your network can access the Tablo, I didn’t want to rehash that whole conversation.

Question, though: As often as we have to clear our app’s data or reinstall it, wouldn’t that be a nightmare for everyone using the device?

And I was gonna be a smart aleck and say almost exactly that!

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Only for the one that keeps reinstalling or clearing data and cache… Pre-Tablo: :woman: Post-Tablo: :man_bald: