Creating a Favorites channel list in Live Guide

Ahh… so you want more reasons to tear out your hair!

Instead of showing only the favorites or all channels, could we request that the all channels view move the favorite channels to the top of the list? I’d like to see them all but put my favorites more at my finger tips where they’re easier ot access at the top of the list.

I would prefer the same, but do you know that all your favorites are put on your “home” tab?

If you scroll down you’ll see favorites and it gives you thumbnails of your favorites that you can scroll through that way also instead of using “live” guide.

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Yep I’m aware, i’d just like more polish and customizations for the Roku App. Being able to pull up guide while still watching a channel, or at least a miniguide. Being able to hit record after tuning to a channel instead of having to go back to the guide. Any kind of program info once tuned to a channel (like the other apps have, only roku is missing). Its just half-finished right now, there’s some very basic touchup tablo could do to make the roku experience 100x better.

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I take it you’ve seen how the Android and Roku apps differ? LOL

I tried to use the Roku yesterday just to get some real-life testing out of it, but because of missing features, I couldn’t do it for very long. They really need to up the ante on that version, but they need to take care of the live TV issue first!

I agree that customizing the order of channels would be a very helpful thing to have. I keep most of the FAST stations, but the 3 main ones I watch/record are 3/4 the way down!


Yes favorites are on home page but only current live shows listed.