Copy File from Tablo to PC

I have a 4 year old Dual tuner Tablo, and have an important file that I need to Archive on to my PC. I see Tablo Ripper mentioned a lot, but I see no where to download it. Where is it available? What are some alternatives?

Thank you!

OTA2Go is another option but it copies to Android phone and tablet

SurLaTablo (requires the older Python 2 to be installed) will also get your content off your pre-4th gen Tablo (btw, possibly assuming you do not upgrade to the 4th gen firmware when it comes out).

The link to this was mentioned in another post.

I would look a TabloTools.

Here’s a link to the (long) thread.

For the non-coders of the world, is this a reasonable way to download shows that are currently on my working 4 year old Tablo? I have Plex on a NAS. I have PC’s. I do not believe I would rip them to a DVD.

I’ve only used Tablo Tools. It’s is a user friendly interface for Windows.

Mac and Linux versions too!

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