Connect Roku Remotely First Time

We’re on a trip, and I think I might have made a mistake. I brought one of our Roku sticks that hasn’t been connected to my Tablo (which is at home) yet, and I don’t think there’s any way to do the initial connecting/pairing remotely. Or is there?

You can’t pair a Roku - doesn’t support remote viewing

Which devices do? I also have an Amazon Fire Stick with me. It hasn’t been paired yet either.

The full list is here:

  • PC/Mac
  • iOS & Android smartphones
  • iOS & Android tablets
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV

The newest Fire TV stick works quite well for remote access but you’d need to have paired it beforehand.

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Which begs the question - why no Roku?

Same reason why no AppleTV. Those are the two apps that aren’t fully fleshed out yet.

The Apple TV & Roku use a different database methodology which does not yet support remote streaming.

Which means no remote streaming until the manufacturers update their software?

It would be via a Tablo app/firmware update but I don’t have an ETA for when we might tackle that.

Thanks for clarifying.

It would be handy to be able to do an initial connect remotely (even if it needs to be authorized through another connected device). Things happen to devices.

I’m out of town for a couple weeks and my iPhone died. I got a new one and reinstalled from a backup, but Tablo needs to be reconnected now. I have no way of connecting until I get back home now.

This will not help you now, but I have a VPN server setup where my Tablo is located so I can re-pair devices or even pair new devices without physically being there.

The Fire TV app and iPhone app have survived at least 6 months of WAN IP changes, router reboots, Tablo firmware updates, etc. without the need for re-pairing, which is great cause before Tablo fixed it, re-pairing was frequent.

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So I think I have another issue now.

Just a recap that I’m on vacation and can’t connect to my Tablo with any of my devices at this point. I didn’t realize I needed to connect my Amazon Stick before I left. My iPhone app was connected, but I had to replacement my phone so it’s not connected anymore. My laptop was connected but isn’t now.

My initial 30-day trial ended and I signed up for a lifetime subscription. But it doesn’t show any Tablo devices connected to my account (although it should!).

IS STUFF STILL RECORDING? I have no way of knowing. When the subscription ends, does the 2-week guide data remain for the remainder of the 2 weeks, or does it disappear immediately? Will my recordings (over that 2 weeks anyway) continue?

And I’m home and can properly connect my Tablo to my account, will all of my scheduled recordings resume recording, or will I have to set them all up again?

A bit frustrated that I can’t access anything remotely.

@MichaelColey Hey there. Sorry the pairing for Tablo Connect wasn’t apparent!
To answer your questions:

  • Your Tablo has to be associated to your account by adding your serial number. Once this is done, all of your guide data will re-download, and all of your previously scheduled recordings will be res-cheduled.
  • If the Tablo’s serial number was not added to your account, it won’t be aware of your subscription purchase, and the scheduled recordings will not record once the trial expires.
  • Once the trial expires, the data will vanish immediately, as opposed toe expiring over another 2 weeks.

I’m back home, and it turns out the Tablo had crashed. Nothing recorded for the past week. Disappointed, to say the least.

And I left on another trip and now the Tablo is unresponsive again. This thing is becoming useless to me. :frowning:

What is the error you’re getting?

Prior to your road trips, were you needing to reboot your Tablo frequently?

The Tablo Connect feature has been fairly reliable lately surviving Tablo reboots, router reboots, WAN IP changes, firmware updates, etc.

Sounds like your issue may be more seeded in the Tablo just not working at all, rather than just as issue with Tablo Connect.

No error message. Just not responding at all. I would agree with your assessment that the issue is with the Tabl just not working rather than an issue with Tablo Connect.

If I log into my account at, it shows that it was last seen about 48 hours ago.

Once I get home, how can I debug it to figure out what happened?

My unit was a refurb, bought directly from Tablo on Amazon, so maybe there were some preexisting intermittent problems with the device. From reading other threads, perhaps it is heat-related. It’s set up properly (well ventilated and nothing on top of it), but not on its side. I may try putting it on its side, or I think I have a laptop cooling base sitting around somewhere that I can put it on.

This is the second time it has locked up. I think it ran for about 18 days the first time, then locked up (and was locked up for a week before I got home to reboot it). The second time, it only ran for 3 days, and will have been locked up for 3 by the time I can get home to reboot it.

If you have not yet done so I would definitely open a ticket so @TabloSupport can look over your logs to see what is happening.

It isn’t heat related, as long as you have it in a well ventilated area as you say and not sitting on top of other electronics you are fine. If it is heat related then I would think its a defect and @TabloTV will recognize that.

@MichaelColey - Sounds like this might be network related but we’d like to check things out to confirm.

Can you drop a note to the support team? They can take a peek at the logs and get a sense for what might be happening: