(COMPLETED) SmartTV app?

Can’t seem to find this answer elsewhere… is the Tablo app available (or planning to be) for smart tvs (Vizio, Samsung, etc.)? I need to replace a bedroom television and want to know if I should look for a smart tv that will be supported by a Tablo app or just get a dumber tv and plan to buy another Roku.  

Nope not yet. When we release the Plex app, that will be available on all Plex clients including of course smart TVs and DLNA

Just to bump this thread, a Samsung Smart TV App would be AWESOME!!!

As an alternative, TCL and Hinsense both make TV’s with a built-in Roku.

Hey folks - Apps for LG & Samsung TVs are definitely on the to-do list! 

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Good - LG here.

Nice I got an LG and Vizio as well … if you need a tester please put me on the list!

Hey folks - Apps for LG & Samsung TVs are definitely on the to-do list! 

Any recent news on this?  What about Vizio?

Once we’ve got FireTV & Android TV wrapped we can get back to focusing on this. 

How about Sony?

@slick204… don’t get me started about Sony… I got a Sony tv 3.5 months ago and the “smart” part of the tv needs to go back to grade school… The problem I complained about in their community forum turns out to have been around since 2011 and with zero change to the firmware in the last four years to address this well known “Media Player has stopped” issue.   The Sony “Apps and Widgets” run in an Opera (!) browser, and most of them run so poorly that I can get up, walk to my computer, look up something, and come back before the widget has even loaded…   I played around with Opera years ago, but it is a distant 5th place in the browser race… http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Usage_share_of_web_browsers_(Source_StatCounter).svg

Maybe your Sony tv is better, but the problems seem to be reported across their entire line…  Too bad, because the picture is awesome.  On the other hand, maybe Sony doesn’t care, which may be why they spun off their tv business last year…

IMO, you would be better off with a dumb TV and use a streaming box such as Roku or FireTV.  It is all a question of numbers.  When a vendor writes an app they will reach for the most users possible, and that will always be the streaming boxes. 

When we first got our Samsung SmartTV three years ago it was awesome.  The native clients of streaming our recorded TV from the MythTV and for Plex were epic.  We removed all other devices from the living room and were able to do everything with it.  Then the reality of technology advancement set in, within about 1.5 years the application speeds started dropping from a UI response point of view.  Then we started having to reboot the TV if we wanted to go from Netflix to Plex.  Then we noticed that app version updates were starting to lag behind (our TV was a model year 2010 and the new apps were for model year 2011 and up).  And so on and so on and so on.

Now we are back to a single appliance (Roku 3) feeding the TV from Tablo, Plex and Netflix.  Although I’m not a real fan of the UI of any of those apps (compared to other platforms) it just works and makes the whole family happy.

If I were to buy another TV I’d try and find the best plane Jane monitor I could get and forgo the whole Application thing.  Unless the vendor provided me with a way to upgrade the processing hardware for around $100 every other year or so.

Any update on the Samsung SmartTV App?

SmartTV apps would be nice. Tried loading my.tablotv.com in web browser on Panasonic SmartTV which results in message that browser isn’t compatible and it can’t find Tablo.

Once this new build is out we’ll be getting back to focusing on these.

New to Tablo TV and really liking it so far - cool product. I have an LG smart tv and would like to get any available update on the smart tv apps. Thanks!

So is Dolby 5.1 :slight_smile: Which will be first and how much longer? 5.1 for Christmas 2015 would be awesome!

@TabSieg - We are working on apps for the latest gen SmartTVs from Samsung (Tizen) & LG (WebOS). No specific ETA yet, but we’ll share details when we have them.

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Thanks for the update!