(COMPLETED) SmartTV app?

Why @TabloTV are you working on platforms for smart tv’s. I would think that if you just concentrate on the streaming boxes and sticks it would be time better spent. Don’t want you to spread yourselves too thin and have to wait extended times for updates and new features to the existing apps.

A year ago I was interested in smart TV apps, as a new customer. Now that I have a streaming box for the Tablo the smart TV aspect isn’t as necessary for me.

They’re concentrating on ease of transition/less costs for new customers. “Hey look, your new 4k Samsung TV can have an app for the Tablo, so you don’t need to spend $50 more on a Roku”

I have a 55" Sony Bravia Smart TV from 2013 which has several “Smart” features that have become obsolete. This is due to video format changes and lack of contract renegotiations. I just replaced my 2 oldest TV’s (2010 and 2006) with a 32" and 48" TCL TV with built in Roku.

Several manufacturers are now either including Roku built in or running Android TV. This will help when it comes to app development. I think it is a mistake for @TabloTV to work on Smart TV apps. I think their focus should be on Streaming devices like Roku and Fire TV and mobile apps for Ios, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Instead of smart TV apps I would like to them to work on things like Dolby surround sound and removing the loading delay when tuning live TV

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How about Vizio?

Any ETA on a Samsung app yet? Just checking.

Would an app likely help the synch problems I get? I watch in Chrome on my computer and the sound is frequently way off from the video. Today, I’m noticing it on CBS, yet when I watch live tv through the CBS app on Windows 10 on this same computer, there is no synch problem. I also never seem to see a synch problem when watching on my phone.

@SidneyW - There is a gating issue with the Samsung Tizen O/S that we’re hoping will get resolved soon. Stay tuned.

This is great to hear. Looking forward to seeing TabloTV expand to the Samsung platform!

I am not at all a fan of developers attempting to support SmartTVs. There is too much fragmentation as it is now with the primary streaming boxes. Developing and supporting so many TV manufacturers would be a never ending battle.

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@jdag - This is why we haven’t really attempted it so far. Plus, the horsepower just wasn’t there ON the sets themselves.

However, LG seems to have settled on an OS and several folks are having success using our Android TV app on sets that run that as an OS. Things are settling down a bit and it’s been a pretty popular request for people who don’t want to purchase a streaming device when their TV already has that capability built-in.

I appreciate your response and hope we’re getting closer. Not everyone wants to add on streaming boxes (as you mentioned) when the capability is already on the TV. I have working on very clean installs - Samsung TV with a power cord and CAT6 connected - no other cables or boxes (maybe a sound bar). With the DirecTV Ready capability built into the Samsung TVs installs can be very clean. Thanks!

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I would like to add my request for a native Samsung TV app. I understand the difficulties of trying to create apps for dozens of different TV platforms, but Samsung makes a superior TV and has great marketshare. I have recently started using a Fire TV on an older Vizio set and am very pleased with the performance of the Tablo app on that device. It would be really nice if Tablo could create the Samsung app, which would free me from having to cast Tablo via Chromecast to my Samsung.

Yeah, I guess I should have done a little more research before purchasing Tablo. The lack of a Samsung app is a dealbreaker. 3 Samsungs I love and not interested in adding additional streaming boxes when all I want to do is record and watch OTA.

So close.