Commercial Skip Upload Failed

CS upload failed last night for NCIS: LA, but it did do fingernails, so I am fine. CS has been hit and miss for me - and rarely gets it perfect.

To be honest so far it’s the only feature that’s made my wife agree to cancel DirecTV which we still have at this moment. I’m trying to get more freedom of choice by getting rid of Direct. It’s not about money in my case. I know that’s not the norm for most.

So CS is pretty important from my prospective.

Well, thats a very good reason!! When if works it is great and when it doesn’t it causes problems. (CS not the wife) :wink:

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As long as the Tablo is not rebooted, the next retry will not happen until overnight maintenance.

So as long as your Tablo is operating normally, it will take 2 days for all the retries to be completed and for you to see that message… 1 when the recording is completed, 1 during the following overnight maintenance period, and 1 during the next nightly maintenance period.

If you are seeing Commercial Skip Upload Failed and you aren’t manually rebooting your Tablo, either poor reception is causing your Tablo to reboot automatically or something else (perhaps a bad disk) is causing the retries to occur more often than scheduled.

I have a very good signal, almost too good on all channels. The hard drive is brand new and has been tested fully. Thanks for giving me the answer that it should occur overnight. So based on this I should see the failures from last night retry tonight. The unit is also on battery backup, so not a power issue.

I recorded two shows last night and both showed as upload failed this morning.

Does the Tablo log somewhere was this issues are? Or the uptime of the Tablo device? I had two shows this morning already showing upload failed and my internet was stable all night, signals show as strong. I have had this tablo for a year and a half, the hard drive is also a year and a half old so it could be the drive I suppose.

If you’d like us to take a closer look at what might be happening on your Tablo you can touch base with support:

Yah, now I’m getting “Commercial Skip Upload Failed” every day. Doesn’t seem to work …

New Tablo user here. Started getting “Upload Failed” this week (starting with Shark Tank and The Rookie).

Internet and Tablo appear to both have been solid, so not sure why shows recorded on Sunday night would have hit 3 retries already.

I agree with others saying you should add a manual “retry” button, even if you put it on a delay or something (only works once every hour or something).

Also, any additional status information would be great (Bull had no status regarding commercial skip a couple of hours after airing; I guessing this means it had failed once and was waiting to retry… but none of that is being communicated :/). Back when I worked on a video game that had to do a lot of negotiating to find or create a game, there was a back-and-forth between our producer and the guy that wrangled our beta team and did a lot of work directly with the public. The producer felt our game should only show the bare minimum of information during the negotation/search process (after all, that’s what Call of Duty and Battlefield did). Showing too much would be information overload and would potentially turn off players. I personally sided with the other guy: show the user the info! They may not know what it means. They may presume incorrectly to know how things are working. But at least they get a feel for if something is actively processing, or if it’s getting stuck somewhere along the way. And if they can see something isn’t working right, and can report an error, the more detailed information they have, the quicker it’ll be for me to solve the issue.

So… yeah, personal preference: show me what’s going on! :slight_smile:

Also having server issues from Sunday 10/6/19. Multiple upload failures. Would be nice to be able to manually attempt to retry at some point.

6 shows from last night, all have Commercial Skip upload failed. So Sunday and Monday everything has the same Upload failed.

This isn’t just an overall failure on the backend side as I have 2 shows that recorded last night (Monday) and both show as ‘Commercial Skip is ready’ so it was working in some capacity last night.

That’s interesting, I wonder if maybe it’s a capacity issue on their side. Too many connections, etc.

I am happy we are not the only users with issues concerning Commercial Skip. It seems to me that since the new seasons started for all the major networks, we have had a lot of issues. Prior to this time we have had no issues at all in getting all the shows we watch to skip the commercials. However, for the past two weeks we have been very lucky to see maybe 2 out of 16 shows get recorded with the skip feature in tact. As far as I know our internet is stable and we are getting a good signal on the outdoor digital antenna. The only channels we record off of are ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

I think you may have put your finger close to the problem with this idea.

It almost gives you the impression that the major networks don’t want any devices to automatically skip the commercials when the broadcast is being recorded. Being the “evil minded” person I am, I would think the networks might be trying to send a changed signal OTA to the Tablo’s, or other similar devices, that would impair the Commercial Skip capability. A couple of years ago, our local ABC broadcaster changed something up in their OTA signal that prevent the Tablo’s to broadcast sporting events in English. For about six months, Tablo worked the issue and eventually put out a patch for the firmware to resolve the problem. All the sporting broadcasts were in Spanish and no way to change them with Tablo. It was only a Tablo issue, since the OTA signal for the same broadcast when displayed using the tuner on the TV was in English.

I’m confident this is a technical issue with the Tablo servers and or network. I don’t feel it’s some kind of conspiracy. The fact that all the new shows have started up means more overhead on the Tablo related servers and more possible issues. Let’s see what they come back with.

Divorce Court recorded this morning and already has commercial skip ready. I’m really thinking this is just a capacity issue. Lots of people recording shows in the evenings and all those Upload requests hitting the servers all at once or close to it. The same would be true if nightly maintenance fires off at the same time. Right now I share the same timezone as California and I suspect we have at least a few users in that area.

I’m still having trouble. Both Judge Judy and Hot Bench has a commercial Skip fail notice today after I changed antennas. I’m in Washington,DC. Anyone else still having this issue and how can this be solved?