Commercial Skip Upload Failed

Over the past week I have been having problems with commercial skip too. Last night I recorded three shows, all three had upload failed(my internet was perfect last night), night before I had a couple shows work and a couple with com skip detection failed messages. Going back further into last week I had a variety of messages certain nights.

I rebooted earlier today and it’s been about 5 hours or so and still I have the same Failed Uploads. I’m not sure if it tried again and failed or what. Slightly frustrating not knowing what happen or didn’t happen. I almost wish they had an advanced options setting so Some people could see more technical details about what’s going on. Smart drive status for example and perhaps CPU usage, etc. Nerdy stuff.

This morning the recordings that I reported with Upload failed have zero change in their status, that entire day remains exactly the same. I kind of question if the nightly maintenance routine actually works. I would have expected these files to retry. Now I know the CS server was up and running because the recordings from last night worked just fine. So the issue appears to be related to retries and of course well why did it fail the first time.

Didn’t tablo support answer this the a post in this thread:

“Unfortunately the message Commercial Skip upload failed is only shown when all of the permitted retries have been done.”

That’s why I asked the question of how quickly the retry occurs if the CS server is down but the ethernet link is up.

In that case, the retry would happen during overnight maintenance after the server is back up or when the Tablo is rebooted.

Which is really strange, as I mentioned above, that while I was testing and monitoring my CS recordings during my August CS try, I watched a recording that finished at 10PM have a failure indicator by 11:30PM.

And since I was also using slingtv I don’t think the ethernet was down.

But over the 400+ CS recordings I’ve made I’ve only seen three upload failures.

I can say for sure my Internet wasn’t down at any point, I have logs to show when any one of my pipes go down and it also has very quick fail over even if it did.

Still no change in stuff recorded on Wednesday. Same shows still show Commercial Skip upload failed. When should it retry?

Shows recorded less then an hour ago already have CS successfully applied.

@TabloTV has already replied to your question:

It doesn’t mean that your internet connection failed, just that for whatever reason, the upload failed. Since you are positive that it wasn’t your internet connection, then more than likely the commercial skip server failed to receive your upload and that after 3 tries your Tablo posted the Commercial Skip Upload Failed message. Once you see the message, there won’t be any additional attempts to process the commercial skip information.

Ok, kind of a lame message if you ask me. It should have some kind of more definitive message such as Commercial Skip failed, excessive retries. Leaving it as Upload failed makes it sound like it has yet another chance to Upload. Also I would like to know how often it Retries as I don’t know how after days it still wasn’t able to upload.

I would like a more technical explanation.

The commercial skip upload failed issues are continuing, my shows from last night all say skip upload failed. There is definitely something wrong on Tablos side that needs fixing.

As I stated before, if you are seeing the Commercial Skip Upload Failed message, then all 3 retries have been attempted and no further retries will be attempted no matter how long you wait or if you reboot the Tablo.

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Its been working fine for me!!

So is that 3 retries over a span of 3 hours, 3 days, 3 minutes or just 3 times back to back?

Three times total. Which is probably until the nightly maintenance, if not sooner.

Is nobody capable of understanding the simply question. What is the interval of the retries? I keep getting people telling me 3 times total. 3 Times doesn’t mean much if it’s 3 times back to back.

I suggest you open a ticket or call Tablo Support if you need exact timing on the retries. For me, knowing that when my recording says Commercial Skip Upload Failed is sufficient, I don’t need to know how quickly each retry is accomplished. Hopefully, Tablo will continue to improve their commercial skip process so that failures rarely occur.

I don’t care how long each retry takes, I care about how long between each retry. If it tried and then tried again without delay it would eat up the 3 retries in just a few minutes. If networks are down, servers are down, etc. then it would be kind of pointless to retry. So I just want to know that it’s delaying for XX minutes, hours, days, before it tries again.

So stop complaining here and contact Tablo Support directly.

Hopefully the professionals at Tablo can help you. It’s obvious by now that we poor mortals are incapable of understanding and answering your technical questions.

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Considering this is the support area hopefully Tablo support reads these.

Three shows recorded last night, all three show Commercial Skip upload failed. Did anyone else have the same issue or is it just me?