Commercial Skip Upload Failed

Did the Commercial Skip Server fail last night (9/24) sometime after 9:40pm EST? All programs which completed last night before that time processed the spots fine. All programs which completed after that time have a “Commercial Skip Upload Failed” message.

My local internet service was extensively re-configured yesterday, and I’m asking before making another call to the ISP.

All of mine seemed to fail last night as well and I have the “Commercial Skip Upload Failed” message.

Alas there was an outage around 11 p.m. ET last night. That means data from shows that were in the processing queue would have been lost.

We’re investigating the cause now but everything is back up & running as normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks :frowning:

Would a reboot reprocess the show for commercials skip?

Great question! Here’s the details from the engineering team on that…

If your Tablo device us running 2.2.26+, a reboot will trigger a retry of commercial skip processing IF the recording has not already hit the max retries which is 3.

It will also be automatically retried during nightly maintenance.

Now if you tried to reboot your Tablo 2+ times to get the commercials to process while the server was still down, you would have hit the max number of retries.

But for most folks the recordings that weren’t processed last night should process normally overnight tonight at the latest.

Has anyone seen the nightly maintenance retry work?

In June I had 2 fail at 10:30PM-11PM on the same night and the nightly maintenance at 3AM+ worked but no CS processing.

But my life didn’t end and I woke up the next day.

What constitutes a retry? Does it retry on it’s own without a reboot?

I had 7 recordings last night and all of them failed I guess due to the server issues on your side, now some are ready with CS, a couple say Failed to upload. One at least says it Failed commercial skip detection.

Those that have failed to Upload, will they try again? I have DSL and Cable that are round robin load balanced with auto fail over, needless to say my internet wasn’t down. Table is hard wired.

We seem to have an interesting mix. From two nights ago and last night. I submitted a request to support yesterday. Last night most of the recordings had a commercial skip detection failed - with only two with the upload failed. This excludes the “Phoenix CBS” issue. The framing on these shows seems to have processed. The previous night all of the recordings on every channel had the commercial skip failed due to poor signal error. There was not a poor signal. BUT: NONE of the recordings had framing done. I can live without commercial skip IF I can see what I am doing when FF and rewinding. It’s horrible when one has to guess when FF! It is also odd that framing was accomplished with commercial skip issues one night and not on the other. It appears that we have commercial skip detection, upload and poor signal here. Is the difference that “poor signal” means there will be no framing? And the others WILL process framing?

Feedback for your developers to investigate. I have 2 shows from Tuesday evening that were marked “Commercial Skip upload failed.” I rebooted Tablo a single time Wednesday but the status did not change. I checked again this morning (after a full maintenance cycle beyond the server outage) and the status still has not changed. As noted by someone else above, it doesn’t seem like the function to reattempt uploads is functioning.

Tuesday night I have 3 shows with the same ‘Commercial Skip upload failed.’ message. I didn’t try a reboot, however it should have gone through as you say a maintenance schedule. I have highly redundant Internet connections with everything Table related hard wired.

Yesterday 8 shows recorded and all but one worked for CS, one says it failed due to poor reception which of course makes no sense. I have a borderline too strong of a signal at -45 DBm, When I watch the show I’ll see if I notice anything.

Unfortunately the message Commercial Skip upload failed is only shown when all of the permitted retries have been done.

You really need to put in a manual CS process request button.

I rebooted my Tablo one time (plus the original automatic attempt), so I wouldn’t have exceeded your stated limit of 3 attempts. Also, why would the reboot Wednesday morning have failed- at that time there was only the single failed upload due to your server outage?

In my case on Tuesday this makes no sense. If I have rock solid redundant path Internet connections and I didn’t reboot the Tablo and yes another and it’s been two days of maintenance cycles since, so why would it report this error?

I’m not complaining per say, just trying to understand.

It seems that tablo answered this question before but my searches can’t find the answer.

How quickly does it retry?

Was the server down again last night (09/30/2019) as a show has skip upload failed. Since the skip sever update I have been noticing more failed uploads or skips missed due to what the Tablo thinks is reception issues, but the shows look fine and nothing has changed on my end.

I noticed the same issue, and as stated before I have dual redundant internet connections.

I was only interested in how fast the retries occur.

I seemed like, when I was monitoring the CS, I saw 1 occurrance when the local internet was up and functional, the CS AWS must have been down, and 3 retry limit was reached (yellow failure) within 1 1/2 hour of the end of broadcast.

I have had several Commercial Skip failures in the last day or two (Sept 30, Oct 1) where I either get a message that says something to the effect of “Commercial Skip failed due to weak signal” or simply “Commercial Skip failed” Are there still server issues or is there something else going on?

Of 7 shows recorded last night I had 4 shows with the Commercial Skip Upload Failed error message. Two shows that did CS correctly and one that says it failed due to poor reception. The upload failed errors are the most concern however I question the poor reception as I’ve yet to watch a recording with a single pixelization glitch.