Commercial Skip Sunsetting

I am NOT a happy camper. I purchased the Tablo Dual Lite DVR because of the DVR Commercial Function. I just received it onSeptember 21,2022, set it up September 22, 2022 and started my recording with Commercial Skip on the Trial Premium service. Worked great the shows I recorded on September 23, 2022. Then suddenly today it stopped working. I went online to trouble shoot the issue, and to my Surprise, you stopped this service today, September 24, 2022. YOU NEVER warned your customers purchasing the units during this sunsetting window that you were doing this and sold us these units under false pretenses. Now I have no use for this unit and will be returning it. Furthermore I had recommended to my friend, as he wanted the DVR with Commercial Skip so as to rip to his Plex server. He received his unit Today, Sepetember 24,2022. I told him about this, and he said he would also return his unit.

It would be proper and legal if you did one of two things, first being notify customers prior to their purchases, Not possible now, so your second option would be to change your sunsetting plan to warn people now, and reset the sunset to September 24,2022 and allow people who purchased their units prior to that date to have this feature. I suggest you do this.

Gary Zarzycki

I assume you read the commercial skip info on the tablotv WEB site before you purchaed your unit. They announce on May 31, 2022 that as of July 19th new tablo’s couldn’t order CS.

I I have no idea what your friend is trying to do. On tablo the actual total physical is still there after CS processing. CS is a temporal thing and not a physical thing. People who RIP to plex run comskip after the rip. Or atleast I did when I wasted time and CPU cycles ripping recordings.

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There was no notice on the website when I and my friend purchased their Refurb units. Thus we were not aware of this. I have hard copies of this. You can announce all you want, but when buyers are not informed in any way, this was a clear case of mis-representation. I want and purchased a DVR with built in Comercial Skip processing in September 21, 2022, started to use it then it was taken away from me.

As far as my friend, as I stated, he ordered his September 22, 2022 received it today, September 24, 2022 and yet to set it up. He bought his under the same pretenses that it would record without commercials, then use the Tablo Ripper to convert it to Plex compatible MP4 directly to his Plex server, He does not use comskip, nor would he want to spend hours in a multi-process to process a 45 minute program when he planed on doing it in one step.

Gary Zarzycki

I assume since you thought CS was important to you, you actually read all the information available about CS on the tablo tv WEB site.

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I’m confused, you keep stating today as being August 24, 2022, but today is September 24, 2022.

Secondly, as @zippy stated, Tablos purchased on or after July 19, 2022 would not receive a free trial of Commercial Skip. Since you stated you purchased a refurbished unit, I guess it is possible that somehow it was already activated on that unit, but again, the last day to order Commercial Skip was on August 23, 2022 and not September 23, 2022.

If you did actually receive your unit on August 21, 2022, you’ve had it for over a month and your free trial (which you shouldn’t have been eligible for in the first place) has run out.

I do agree that it’s possible that Tablo should have done a better job of publicizing that Commercial Skip was no longer available, but as the buyer, you also have a certain amount of responsibility to throughly check out what you are purchasing.


First, let me restate, I made an error I will correct now. I said August, I meant September, a embarrassing mistake. So, I will state it again. I purchased my unit September 21, 2022, set it up September 22, 2022, During the 30 trial period of Premium Service recorded with Commercial skip on September 23, 2022. Then on September 24th 2022, they stopped the service on me. Not giving me enough time to setup, test and decide using the unit under the trial time. The documentation did not include any warning of this, not was their anything on the website purchase site,

Never seen this notice, it is not on the Tablo Refurb Purchase site where I purchased my Tablo, which it states “Automatic Commercial Skip, & more” With that said, I need not say more. It is a clear case of misrepresentation. The law requires for Tablo to remove that statement and make it clear that feature will no longer be available. I had planned on purchasing the yearly subscription once I knew all worked as I needed within the trial period. Tablo did not give me the time to do this nor was I aware of this September 24th date since it was not published on the Tablo website, My Friend purchased his on September 22, 2022 and received it today on September 24, 2022, again, purchased if off the Refurb site which did not give this warning, and advertised it has the “Commercial Skip feature”,

Again, it would make it right for all to change te sunset date to say purchases after September 23rd, 2022 would not have the Commercial Skip feature, and put the notice on the web page where people purchase the equipment,

Gary Zarzycki

I never been to the website. I read somewhere just to turn on the checkbox for Commercial skip. This still does not satisfy the requirement to put the warning on the actual purchase site and remove the :“Automatic Commercial Skip & More” That is where it sold me and my friend on the unit.


BTW, it is NOT the buyers responsibility to search for something unknown, PERIOD. It is up to the seller to make sure there is the proper features to be advertised and remove and make clear features that have been removed. This is the law.

Gary Zarzycki,

You were grossly misinformed or completely misunderstood Tablo’s Automatic Commercial Skip.

It was never “built in” as it was a " Premium Service subscription"

There was never a completed recording without commercials. --It does not “record without commercials” this is a false pretense. Tablo returns time for the playlist to skip over the commercials via it’s player.

Kind of sounds like the Facebook defense. “I read somewhere” isn’t necessarily a credible source. If you could read somewhere, why not go to the source of the device and get the facts… if you’re going to read about it… even if you’re not legally required?

When you begin your lawsuit, a criminal defense lawyer likely isn’t your best choice.


Since they have never been to the tablotv WEB site they probably haven’t checked to see if tablo is like almost all other products - everything goes through arbitration.

This is not the point, so what is your point? I never stated the feature was “Built In”. I stated it was an advertised feature. So you should stay with the facts. Are you an attorney or a representative of Tablo ? If you are representing Tablo, you better be careful what you are saying. So are you, or are you not?

Sorry, you are out of your league. Get an attorney and ask him what the law is. If a product is represented to have certain features and it doesn’t, then that is a clear case of misrepresenting the product. It stated: “This DVR features 2 OTA ATSC tuners, Automatic Commercial Skip, & more” See Above capture of the specifications. FULL STOP

I ask that a Tablo representative respond and not these users that don’t know what they are talking about, mis-representing what I said and giving false information. This is a help site, information site not a confrontation site to argue untrue facts.


Where did you purchase your refurbished Tablo?

The link you provided above goes to the Tablo website which you claim to have never visited and where there is no mention of commercial skip being available. I can see in the link you posted stating commercial skip, but when you click on that same link, there no mention of commercial skip being available.

If you are basing your argument on some other website where you purchased your Tablo, then your problem is with that seller and not Tablo.

Once again, commercial skip has not been available for new customers since August 24, 2022, not September 24, 2022.

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I have filed my complaint with Tablo. All I asked is for them to make it clear on all pages they no longer support the Automatic Commercial Skip feature, and to make the sunset date to be date after product purchase and not the time of subscription to the Premium Service. Technically I purchased a 30 day Premium Service with the unit. I understand, this was a typical play to get people to rush and subscribe, but people like myself that didn’t know and had to purchase service even though they had the service to try out to keep this option, it makes no business sense and not fair to customers.



Not applicable after the fact.

BTW, Fraud is a criminal offense, can be a mis-demeanor or felony.

There is nothing after the fact. Those term of use have been there for a while and users can either read them or not read them.

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I will not argue this with you or anyone else. Your assertion is incorrect and after my purchase, it is a case of a the business mis-represents a product, and nothing more,. If I should or required to read these links supplied before purchase, they should have link me to it before the purchase option was realy to purchase. They are required to do so if there was a possible issue and have said so. So your arguments is not valid. This is fraud. FULL STOP. If you are not a Representative of Tablo, I will not discuss this with any Trolls. If I was a Tablo executive, I would ask that you stop this now and not go down this rabbit hole


No where on any of the Tablo product pages is commercial skip advertied as a feature of their products. So, where is the mis-representation?

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If you bought a referb unit on the tabloTV WEB site, the unit was bought in Canada and only shipped to the U.S. It’s not like the unit was bought from the U.S. Amazon store. So I have no idea what Canadian law is.

Being a lawyer you must.