Commercial Skip Not working


Glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue. I really was looking forward to this. I have a roku TV and a Roku 3 device. Neither work. I confirmed on tablo settings commerical skip is enabled. While playing I arrowed down and confirmed the setting as well. It just doesn’t work. :cry::frowning:


Doesn’t work as in you have yellow bars on your recording and the Tablo isn’t skipping? Or doesn’t work as in you don’t have yellow bars at all?

This is one feature where you really need to be specific on what the issue is.


No, you need to be specific about every issue. With as much details as possible to allow for the developers to actually fix it.

I often hear “your software doesn’t work”. OK, which part doesn’t work? “It just doesn’t work” OK, what exactly did you do? “I tried to get it to do it’s job!” sigh…

/pet peeve