Cloud Backup/File Migration for Hardware changes

I am a new user and have a 2TB hard drive so no storage issues at this time.
I understand that it is difficult to change out hard drives from one unit to a new drive or TabloTV unit.
Could a cloud migration feature be added where we could migrate our files and the database of all the recordings which I understand is stored on the TabloTV unit. This would allow for an easy change out of hardware or upgrade to larger drives without the possibility of losing data.

I am assuming there would be some type of charge for the backup service based on size of storage.

@alowrie200 Look in the Off Topic forums for “Tablo Ripper”. You can manually move your recordings to a PC or NAS or set it up as a service to run all the time. It also converts them to Mp4 format so you can play them on just about any device. If you have Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc… You could move the files to the folder that syncs to the cloud. It only moves your recordings though, not your settings.

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