trying to cast the tablo web based app in the chrome browser (i don’t have an android tablet)  and it plays with no buffering but the video has a slight “jerkiness” to it that is hard on the eyes.  It kind of looks like the frames per second is off.  I have tried tab casting other media (amazon prime video) and I don’t get this effect.  If I could get rid of this it would be perfect.  

I can confirm this experience.  Casting from Chromebook to chromecast.

Try changing the Chrome settings (Chromecast Options) from 720p extreme to 720p high or 480p standard.  720p extreme works if my laptop is ethernet hardwired, but is jerky/unwatchable if using wifi.  Reducing chromecast transcode quality to 720p high or 480p is required when connected by wifi in my experience.  I just keep mine at 480p and the video quality is still very good.

Hi @cookd and @jbanks25,

In our testing we’ve noticed some issues with the WiFi antenna on the Chromecast (and the Roku stick).
The jerkiness you’re experiencing is the result of the antenna not being able to handle the bit rate from the Tablo.
@GPB is correct in suggesting you lower the quality when using the Chromecast - this will solve any jerkiness you’ve found in the video.

Guess we need to hope for a firmware update on those devices.  Thanks

@cookd  I am am seeing the frame rate issue on the Roku3 and iPad 3.  I am concerned that the TabloTV may not be recording at a minimum of 30 frames per second.   My Tablo and Roku are using Ethernet so there shouldn’t be any streaming issues.

I’ve given up on Chromecast and Tablo.  Chromecast works PERFECT all around for every app and device I’ve used, including NetFlix, HuluPlus, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube, and more.  Never a problem.  

Enter Tablo.  Has never worked properly.  To the point where it isn’t reliable enough to use.  

Same is true for the Android app.

The fact that it is advertised to work with Chromecast and Android and neither works in a way that can be considered reliable, is very misleading.

In fact, I’ve ordered a Roku 3 as a last ditch attempt to make this work for the family.  Hopefully that experience is better, but given a $100 price tag X 4 TV’s, and a $300 price tag for the 4 Tuner Tablo, that’s a whopping $800 to replace my cable… for less.  Not sure…

You need to get these 101 items working before adding features, you folks must realize that.

@django363 I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with Chromecast - have you installed the Tablo’s most recent firmware, and the most recent Android app?

We pushed out some changes last week that have improved the Chromecast experience, and our users have reported some improvements. Do you still have the same issues using the updated versions?

Sigh… Same issues here. Chromecast functionality is wildly unreliable.

I updated to 2.1.4 expecting Chromecast improvements (it just got worse).

I allowed the android tablet app to update expecting Chromecast improvements (all that did was break the ability to play recordings on my tablet via the native player) though, I have transitioned to a 3rd party player (with hardware decoding) and got it to work again. (Why do you make me do this!?) Chromecast is no better from a tablet.

@django363 I have seen Chromecast work under one usage scenario… Cast a recording and never perform any seeking. This is in no way a work around but it’s worth mentioning… as this seems to be how Tablo QA must test Chromecast. I now only watch commercial free shows off Roku due to horrible support for seeking through out the native Tablo interfaces.

Agree, Chromecast performance is frustrating & failing the wife test. We use the Chromecast for hundreds of hours of streaming a month and the Tablo is the only service with issues. Ready to sign up for a lifetime subscription but holding off of any subscription until Chromecast streaming is fixed @TabloSupport

@ChrisWilkes - Are you using the latest release? We did include a lot of improvements for Chromecast in it but we still have some additional work to do. The next server release will have a few options that will help with playback quality. 

@TabloTV Just gave the Android app another go and it held steady till about 45 minutes in. It froze up for a few seconds and the app disconnected from Chromecast control and started play on the app & Chromecast simultaneously. ugg

@TabloTV after re-cueing the program it locked up and rebooted the Chromecast after playing for a few minutes. Double ugg

Forgot to mention running app ver. 1.1.1 & Tablo ver. 2.1.14

@ChrisWilkes If you navigate to the Chromecast app and tap ‘Ready to Cast’ you should get a firmware version at the bottom. What’s it reporting as?

@TabloSupport Chromecast ver. 17977

Now that I think about it more, I It never seems to have issues right away. If I remember correctly, it takes about 45 minutes into the program before it acts up. Will give it another shot to see if the 45 minute mark holds true.

@ChrisWilkes Hm, that’s interesting. We’ll create a test case around this in the meantime. Keep me posted!

Same (ish) issue again this evening. Wife watching the Bachelor in Paradise and about the 40 minute mark it showed the full screen graphic for Tablo via Chromecast connected TV while app said buffering. Did it two more times for that same program. One of the times the Chromecast rebooted. She is skipping ahead on commercials if that is relevant and using the app on a first generation nexus 7.

@TabloSupport tonight it gave the following twice on playing a recording via Android app to Chromecast: Failed to initialize media source. If this problem persists please contact Tablo support.