Chromecast with Google TV Loses Audio When Accessing Playback Settings (Closed Caption Toggle)

This isn’t directly related to the 2.1.1 Android TV app update announced earlier today but since I’m still encountering the issue after installing the 2.1.1 app update, I thought I’d bring it up to see if any others have been encountering this issue.

On a Chromecast with Google TV, configured for surround sound on both on the Chromecast and in the Tablo app (connected to a Vizio SB36512-F6 Atmos Soundbar), during playback of a recorded show or while watching live TV, if I press down on the Chromecast remote to bring up
the additional playback settings (i.e. the closed caption toggle) I lose sound until I close the additional playback settings and then pause and play the show.

While watching a recorded show it only happens once, if I press down again I don’t lose sound again. I can however consistently recreate this issue after simply fast forwarding or rewinding a bit.

Unlike while watching a recorded show, while watching live TV when the issue happens it actually happens several times in a row just by pressing down and then back to close the additional playback settings.

Lastly, on our other TV, which is just using the TV speakers, but is also being used with a Chromecast with Google TV, I can’t recreate the issue at all.

The April update for the Chromecast appears to have resolved this issue. This post can be closed.

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