Chromecast support for iOS

I see the Android app was just released for Chromecast.  Any plans for Chromecast support for iOS?

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@gaowens1 - Yes! This is on the roadmap.


Was able to Chromecast a tab from my Chromebook.  Video was choppy, but hey, it worked.  Wouldn’t have expected it to play well anyways.   

@tablotv Are there plans to support Chromecasting via the web browser as well?

@Adammiarka - There is a Chromecast extension for the Chrome browser. Give that a shot. 

Chromecast is so new that both us and Google are still working on it. It’ll get better over the coming months.

The Chromecast extension does work, but would prefer it as an iOS device app for Tablo. :smiley:

Any word on casting to a Chromecast from an iPad?  I am able to do that from the Plex app.  They also do a great job of maintaining state of the Chromecast if you leave the app, etc.  

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@mtuckman I find it strange that the Chromecast and Airplay don’t work together.  I think this must have been a conscious decision by google.  The reason I say this is because my older google tv can catch airplay form my ipad, but the newer chromestick can’t…  So it’s not like they don’t have the technology to do it. 

Yup, just placed my order for the 4 tuner, antenna and hard drive. I have an Apple TV downstairs but would love to know when we can expect the ability to utilize a chromecast from the iOS app, as that is what I have upstairs.

I just saw there is an update today for Chrome for iOS that now allows Chromecast support so maybe we can Cast Tablo from the Chrome browser?

Any updates on when this feature will appear?

@kwc - Sorry, no ETA to share. We’ll be doing some evaluations in the New Year about what ‘big ticket’ items come next. This is one of the options for sure! 

I purchased the Tablo because on your website claims that you can use it with Chromecast.   I think most would make the assumption that ALL devices that support Chromecast would work.  

Purchased and setup and was disappointed that iOS does not have support.   Then realized that I have to read community threads find no support and no ETA.

Can you give an ETA at this point? It has been over 6 months since this thread was opened.  I have a 30 day window to decide to return.  I don’t need dates - Can you say first qtr of next year?

Website verbiage:
Even your Big Screen HDTV with AppleTV (using AirPlay from an iPad), Roku or Chromecast.”  


Roku and AppleTV works great. Chromecast when casting from a computer, laptop or Android tablet works great.

To expect an Apple iPad to cast to a Google Chromecast is not all intuitive. This is Google’s fault for not allowing Apple AirPlay to work with their Chromecast. What do you expect from a $30 device such as the Chromecast?

You can return the Tablo but there aren’t better alternatives on the market. I purchased a second Roku just for use with the Tablo, why not do that?

I quote from the website:

"Televisions using enabling devices including:

AppleTV (via AirPlay from an iPad)
Google Chromecast (via the Android app and Chrome browser)"

Read Q6 below:

Pretty clear no?

It was not clear at all:
This main page does not state the “via the Android app and Chrome browser”.   As stated before I had to dig to answer the question that I didn’t think needed to be asked.  

Apple supports Chromecast just fine. There are numerous other apps that stream to Chromecast from IOS. Plex, Netflix, Google Play to name a few.  Actually Chromecast works great  for only $30.  I like it better then my Roku. 

SimpleTV is an alternative, but I from the reviews I’ve read Tablo comes out better.


Those other apps you speak of are not actually playing from your iPad. There are native Chromecast apps for Netflix, etc. where the iPad app just tells the Chromecast app to play whatever you selected.

There is no native Chromecast Tablo app, hence why AirPlay would be useful if Chromecast supported it.

Please give Simple.TV a try then and report back. The user experience is definitely worse than Tablo. Try getting any response from their support.

@theuser86  Are you affiliated with Tablo?   Because I’m looking for an offical answer from Tablo. 


You got the official response from TabloTV dated Dec. 5th. That was only 14 days ago, nothing has changed.

I quote:
“Sorry, no ETA to share. We’ll be doing some evaluations in the New Year about what ‘big ticket’ items come next. This is one of the options for sure!”

Thus I would not expect an update until Jan. 2015.

How much clearer do things need to be?

@theuser86   –  Yes it is clear you are the forum troll and you’re doing Tablo no favors in your condescending responses.

It’s obvious you don’t even own a Chromecast, so this thread has nothing to do with you. 

Can you estimate which quarter of next year you plan on implementing Chromecast support for iOS.  Is is on the top or bottom of the todo list?

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