Chromecast Issues

Hi everyone,

I Have had the 4-tuner model for a week and half now, I’m using a Samgung Tab2 7.0 (Android version 4.2.2), a Chromecast for the TV and I’ve updated my Wi-Fi to Asus RT-N66U (Firmware and Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB USB 3. 

Here are my issues;

Issue #1:  I can cast Live TV to the TV with the Chromecast with no problems, the issue is when want I want to swap channels (to catch a score of the game or something), I have to disconnect the Chromecast, go back to Live TV and choose another channel (so far, so good), but, when I want to go back to the first channel, I select the first channel again on the tablet, and on the tablet it is showing the show Live, but when I connect it back to the Chromecast, it goes back to the beginning (when I first started watching the channel, sometimes it could be a half hour behind). To Work around this, I have to select another three channel so that the Tablo will reset the first channel I was watching. Or I have to reset the Tablo, which isn’t ideal when you are recording another show (because it will stop the recording). The situation is even worse when your watching a show your recording live, because there is nothing to do but watch it from the beginning, or wait for the show to finish and then watch it from where I left off.  
Is this only a Chromecast Issue?  
Are there plans to add a “Fast-Forward” button for Live TV or a “Resume Live TV” button to help with this situation?
(I have the same issue using the Web-based App on my smartphone - Samgung Galaxy S4 Android version 4.4.2.)

Issue #2: Through the Tablet App, I cannot save “1080p” recording option, it always resets it self to “720p (Recommended)”. I can only save this option from the Web-based App.
Is this a Tablet issue or an App issue?

Issue #3: I can cast Live TV and Recording to the TV in 720p with no issues, but when I choose the 1080p Option, I can only cast for about 1 minute then it freezes, although watching on the table I have no problems. I have tried connecting the Tablo directly to the Wi-Fi, and installing everything within 5 feet of the Chromecast to put every thing in my favor, but no improvements. 
Is this only a Chromecast issue?

If all of these are only Chromecast issues, would I be better off with a Roku? If so which one?

Thanks in advance

The Chromecast itself doesn’t have any serious issues, but the Android app that controls it does.  

Issue #1: Problem just with the Android App.  I also have no idea why live TV has no FF or Rewind on the Android.

Issue #2.  That’s a new one that I have not seen before on these forums.  I would report that to Tablo Support via email.

Issue #3.  I haven’t run into that one either.  That may be a real Chromecast issue.

The other way to use Chromecast is to use a PC or laptop to cast.  If you have one, you might want to try it.   I admit that I got tired of the limitations of the Android tablet and Chromecast that I went out a couple of weeks ago and bought a 2nd Roku 3 to use instead.  I like the idea of the Chromecast, but the Android tablet limitations really hurt.

Thanks Snowcat, I’ll send the last too to Tablo Support.

I have a similar issue as #3.  Anything I try to cast to Chromecast from Tablo in HD constantly freezes and eventually quits if it even started at all.  I’ve tried to cast Tablo video from my MacBook Pro with the Chrome browser and from my Android tablet with the same result.   I can cast low resolution recording or channels with limited success where freezing is reduced.  I was worried I had a defective ChromeCast product but when I cast from Google Movies, YouTube, Vudu, or Flixster I have no problems with the freezing even if I am watching HD video.  This tells me its a problem with Tablo and not Chromecast.

@DaveTV @Crystal It’s important to note that a 1080 stream is double the size of a regular 720p stream. And if you’re using the 720p Chromecast recording quality, 1080 is over 3x larger. It really comes down to the network.

@Crystal @DaveTV I have similar problems with freezing when casting with Chromecast.  I’m able to view from my laptop and android tablet without issue without casting.  I also have changed recording quality in settings with limited success. Seems to immediately improve, but them slips back to freezing patterns every 10-30 min when casting even at lower resolutions.  

Is it possible that the OTR signal from the antennae isn’t perfect but this has little effect until casting with chromecast?  That chromecast is hypersensitive to a signal getting chopped up occasionally?

Also, my chromecast is plugged into my HDMI Yamaha receiver.  I wouldn’t think this would matter, but worth mentioning… I wouldn’t consider plugging directly to my TV.  I have no good way to get sound back to my receiver.

@bkoster We don’t often see reception impact buffering/stuttering behaviour. Reception/signal loss usually manifests itself in pixelated video or the inability to tune to a channel at all. 

If you lowered the recording quality one step lower, to standard definition, do you still experience buffering? Remember: changes to the recording quality won’t effect old recordings. Only live TV and new recordings.

I’ll second the issue of reception dropouts durng records will hang the Chromecast streaming playback. Have verified it by simulating a quick dropout using a variable attenuator during a record on the strongest signal that never has issues.

So I believe I’ve narrowed it down to router and or settings.  Not a Chromecast issue, just manifests itself more so while casting.  I’d been using a Belkin router with setting 2.4ghz.  I switched the frequency to 5ghz and set to channel 153 as instructed by Belkin.  Streaming was perfect for about a week.  Then it began freezing/buffering again.  I switched routers this weekend to a Netgear dual band router and will test for a few days. 

More specifically… I’m running both 2.4 and 5ghz simultaneously with my Netgear nighthawk.  Tablo is connected on the 5ghz band along with other devices in my house.  But the Chromecast is connected on the 2.4ghz band (I understand that Chromecast doesn’t support 5ghz).  I’m hoping this will help speed things up to eliminate freezing and buffering and that Chromecast won’t be the bottleneck.

Well, freezing is still an issue.  I’ve tried isolating variables such as OTA reception, router settings, router itself, recording quality/resolution settings.  I’m not sure there is much else to do but to replace the Chromecast with Roku…  Thoughts?

@bkoster keep up the efforts, somebody has too. I’ve lost the ability to cast via the web app, so my efforts to test the ‘standard resolution’ setting and others, are on-hold.

I would say, turn off ‘Tablo connect’ as it appears the Tablo device web server ( ) is largely open, I don’t trust it against public network port scanners.

Also, the way Chromecast loses connections at either 2 minutes or 45 minutes makes me suspect connection timeouts or session expiry. Since Chromecast is likely more dependent on the Tablo device web server than Roku (this is speculation but seems to be a likely cause…) Maybe, maintaining a second session on the same device could stabilize the Chromecast experience.

Who knows. These are just my WAG (WildAssGuesses). Though… This is certainly a Tablo device issue. Chromecast worked fairly well many firmware revisions ago.

@bkoster I gave up on the Chromecast back in july, and bought a Roku 3.  I’m glad I did, with the Roku, the start-up is faster ( you don’t have to start your table/smartphone/computer , then start the app/wed-app, then cast it. With the Roku, you turn on the TV, select the Tablo channel select live TV and it’s done, it’s about 30-45 sec). With a dual band router I have no streaming issues (except for when I use the Microwave). The Roku plugs directly into your TV, so your not using two devices (tablet & TV) to watch one show. 

I recommend a Roku 3 for a better Tablo experience. (Keep your Chomecast for the other things.)

good luck!

@DaveTV I am currently running my Chromecast through my hdmi receiver to cast video and audio.  As long as I can do this with a Roku 3 I think I would make the change.  I’ve been delaying while trying other fixes, but I think I’ve ruled most everything else out except for the Chromecast.  Just didn’t want to purchase more hardware to find out it didn’t correct my problem.  But I think I’m at that point now.

@bkoster I don’t think the Roku can cast anything. I would keep the chromecast to cast your video and audio and get the Roku just for the Tablo. You would, however, need another HDMI connection for the Roku, either on your reciever or your TV.

@bkoster I just had my first successful Chromecast experience with Tablo, in more than 6 months.

What worked was: Tablo set to record at standard def and I used an android tablet.

Seems the app updates and Tablo firmware finally improved the Chromecast functionality but only for the setup they currently support… The android tablet app… Which is just a horrible device for casting. I mean, what is the point of 7 or 10 screen as a remote control. Stupid. Especially the Tablo interface when casting. Ridiculous.

So in the end… Casting from Tablo is still broke in my book. As casting from a phone device is the only thing that makes sense to me. Which by the way… Is still (really) broke for all android 4.2.1 and under devices.

Anyway, maybe you overlooked this setup and may find it acceptable.

I too found it acceptable to recode/transcode 480i (SD) with the chromecast, but on anything larger than 20" the picture is not pleasant, and even on smaller TV not so good.  So as a test that was nice, but not in production.

I chalk up Chromecast as pure beta, and went to Roku 3 which is stable but ugly at this point. The promise is reworked UI.  Of course that was another $70 out of the budget (on top of the $30 CC sitting around now), so the value prop is not as stellar as expected. In the meantime the ipad app is much better, and the Android still buggy but better too.  Lack of phone support/casting is necessary for Chromecast, so yet another reason not to use it at this time.

I have fiddled w/ Plex integration, and is good, but not a factory supported option so yet another testbed.

I remain hopeful but sad that I spent my money too early.

Somewhat offtopic, but if you’re cordcutting is only going to save you $20-30/mo. then it might not be worth it.  But for many, we are saving $100+/mo. and then the cost of even deluxe extras is easily doable… and you’ll still pay it all off within one year.

@DaveTV @Thumbs I finally made the switch to Roku 3 and as mentioned above the interface it not good, but the functionality so far is far superior to Chromecast.  No freezing/buffering yet at 720 roku/chromecast setting on Tablo and 1080 setting on Roku.  Remote is much more user friendly, didn’t realize how much I missed it until getting it back.  My wife had just about had it with no remote, so this will be a deal saver, while chromecast was a deal breaker.

@bkoster enjoy the Roku 3. Once the recent Roku updates apply to the device, you’ll find you can cast the screen of your newer android devices. Great to view photos from the gallery app and such with others. A really cool feature, which Chromecast doesn’t do.

Also, you can still enjoy the casting experience from your cell phone with you tube and Netflix by selecting the Roku. A very nice feature as the Roku 3 can use Ethernet and Chromecast can’t. Someday (we could hope) Tablo will support casting to a Roku too.

Good for you for moving on. I tried Chromecast and the Tablo tablet app again and couldn’t get a single show to cast… both the Tablo app and Chromecast would crash. So I’ve had one good day in 6-9 months with Tablo and Chromecast. Nothing like a marketing lie (Tablo supports Chromecast) to make consumers (like me) lose trust in the product.