Channel Scroll Does Not Work on New Roku Premiere / Premierre +

The feature for Roku does not work on the new Premiere / Premiere +. I got a preview version of the new Roku Premiere a few days ago, installed & ran through paces, everything was great. last night, I tried this with Tablo for the first time.

When trying to engage the channel scroll, I learned it does not work. Here is the error message:

"Quick channel select is not supported by your Roku"

I do not know if this applies to the newest Roku Ultra, will know when I receive one tomorrow. My new Premiere is a Preview version, but I’m told it is exactly like what will be on store shelves tomorrow at Best Buy, and exactly the same as what will be received sometime between tomorrow and Saturday by Amazon Prime members who pre-ordered.

*corrected to read "last night’.

There is a ‘check’ that the app does to make sure the Roku model has enough processing power to display the graphics needed for this feature.

The ‘check’ is done by model number and since these are brand new models, those IDs are not yet in the app.

We’ll fix that in the next rev.

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Does this apply to the new Ultra as well, or just the Premiere and Premiere +?

Ultra as well since it’s a new model #.