Channel changing

On the roku app there is a pop up tv guide while watching live tv and lets you change channels a lot faster. However the firestick app, there is not. Does apple tv or the android app has this feature? I believe this feature makes the roku app more superior than the Amazon version

Think it exists for the Apple TV, it is be added to all devices eventually.

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Does not work for all Roku devices. Will not work with the new Roku Premiere, Premiere + or the (recently released) Roku Ultra, 2018.

Will not? Why not?

The Tablo team has already stated that those devices were released after the software update that included the fast channel changing feature, and that they WILL be included in the next update to the ROKU app.


Didn’t know, and I wouldn’t call it “fast” channel change - some critics might have an issue with that choice of words lol