Channel Scan Weirdness

Just did a channel scan today in prep for new channels and Phase 10 repack coming next week.

I usually take pics of my channels before the scan and compare the acquired channels after the scan to insure channels that I want are not missing…

Found the 20-X channels missing which I reliably receive, so I thought I try to tune to the channel before I save the new scan. To my surprise, It should a good video (notice in the pic - the window on the left with channel 20-5 and the missing channel on the right.) Tried some of the other subchannels and they played just fine too.

Anyone else have this experience? know the cause?

Took me a few rescans and the missing channels came back.

Perhaps the moral of the story is the proverbial:

“If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!” ?

Part of me wants to say, “can’t believe they waited till the last moment”… but then again, didn’t we already pass the “last moment” date already repack wise?

Channel 20-X made the switch to their new station In Phase 9 of the repack, it was operating just fine for over a month now based on my rescan just after the repack (took me a bit longer since due to their actual change I had to make reception adjustments) I’ve been watching this channel for a couple of week now.

The SF Bay Area in California over a 115 channels I can acquire on a scan and within the last week or so at least a couple of new sub-channels were introduce without much prior announcement. Smaller stations may even post it their facebook page which for me will go unnoticed,