Missing channels?

I have updated the listings a couple times now, and updated the channel lineup, but two sets of stations are continuously missing - channels in the 4- and 22- series:

Try using a different zipcode from a neighboring town. It’s possible that Tablo hasn’t told their guide provider the correct stations for your zipcode.

Hopefully that will get you the missing guide data. Whether or not that works, you’ll need to contact Tablo Support either by phone or by submitting a ticket to get the guide data added to your zipcode, see below:


It showed them before, then this morning they were gone. I did the update listing and change update channel guide, after about six times it found everything. This can become irritating if this happens frequently.

Anyone else experience this kind of thing?


Some features are dependent on the guide data available, which we source from Gracenote.

It’s less likely tablo sources available stations by zip code… then contracts a provider to table data for them.

There are occasions where things need to be fine-tuned. I’ve had new sub-networks added and weeks later they still haven’t added them (while others have) and contacting tablo to give them a nudge is necessary. :slight_smile:

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Same happened to me a a couple of weeks ago :

Had to rescan a few times for the missing channels to come back…

My channels are there (in the Live TV section) now, but no guide information. I’ve updated the guide listing over half-a-dozen times and the info is still missing.

:thinking: :crazy_face: I think it’s 10 to make it work, or as noted from @3rdRockOKC

Unless you’ve had data for that channel before, take another shot

@discobot roll 10d4

:game_die: 4, 1, 3, 3, 2, 1, 4, 4, 1, 2

Contacted support, they are contact the data provider to add the missing data, can take 5-10 business days.

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I’ve had to do it twice. First, I believe they need to verify channels and lack of data (told “tech support” - I have 2 and the channel is on the second one!!). I may actually be within a week, but to cover themselves they give a nice long time span.

If you flat out have no information, it’s often noted titantv.com has up to date listings when Gracenote doesn’t, but I’ve seen it go the other direction as well. (login and create a custom grid with your own channels)

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