Channel mixup on 4th Gen

Apparently they do. But those elves need more training. That is going to take a long time. See Incorrect Channel Lineup and Guide for NJ - #15 by Russell_Rogers

My guess is the guide provider gives Scripps/Nuvyyo all the programming data for the many subchannels of the 1700+ U.S. TV stations. It’s up to Scripps/Nuvyyo to get the right data to each Tablo.

I personally have heard the same story on my legacy device guide. They eventually had to get gracenotes to fix their end. And more then once.

With the legacy device you could tell where the fix was going by checking zap2it since it also used gracenotes. I used hdhomerun since it uses gracenotes. gen 2 guide who knows. The guide is rather mickey mouse.

I am not 100% sure about this, but I think part of the issue is they seem to simply map to the virtual channel instead of the combo of RF channel and virtual channel. So when there are two different RF channels that have a 2.1 virtual channel, they just seem to take the first one instead of looking at the RF channel and using that to resolve a conflict.

I thought legacy use to try to also use the station id as a match. But some stations use network ID’s and some use call letters.

Whatever the issue, my hope is once they fix it on their backend, it will fix it for all of us, not just one zip code

Guide data is organized by zip code and DMA. What ever they fix for your zip code may not have any affect on nearby zip codes. usually only when new channels or sub-channels are added to a DMA. Things get very messy when there are not only overlapping virtual channel numbers but translator broadcasting.

I think you’re right. Here is Gracenote’s developer documentation. Gracenote Developer Video + Sports APIs - Lineups
Looking up guide data starts with a postal code. We would need to see which stations Gracenote returns for those New Jersey zip codes to know where the problem is.

Are they still using gracenote? My DNS server shows a completely different company when I open
my guide.

I’m too lazy to try to figure out who they are now using. It would be nice to know.

But in terms of the problem I’m betting every guide distribution is by DMA and zip code.

Don’t know. What company does your DNS say? The URL for Gracenote’s API is data.tmsapi .com/v1.1

I’m more interested in correct data from fix rather than the fix.

But legacy works with 78758 so it is set to that. Just Scripts attempt.