Channel mixup on 4th Gen

The channel guide doesn’t work in my area (08816)!!! The channels are mixed up making the guide, schedule and DVR unusable. See the Tablo channel scan (first screenshot) and correct channel listing from antenna web (second screenshot). I’ve already tried to add/remove channels and rescan multiple times!

Use a zip code for a larger nearby city and you will be fine. You may have to try a few before you find one that is perfect for you.

Thanks, I had to switch to another state to have the correct info!
That’s weird, as NYC towers are much further than a tower in NJ, I could not get it to work with NJ zip codes.

If you are in East Brunswick I am not understanding why you could not use and have correct guides for Edison, New Brunswick, Newark etc Zip codes work for you.

Right, I would have thought the same, and I checked Edison and New Brunswick zip codes, but it didn’t work.

My zip code is 78758. I can use 78759 or 78744 to make 24.* Be correct. Tried “suppot” since 4:tuner was available.

At this point I recommend Zapperbox which reads ATSC DRM. Guide o n legacy is correct using 78758

See this thread. Incorrect Channel Lineup and Guide for NJ Tablo thinks everyone in New Jersey watches Philadelphia stations.

The U.S. has 40K unique zip codes. You don’t really think tablo has a bunch of elves in a back room monitoring what OTA stations are receivable in every zip code every day. That’s the responsibility of the guide provider.

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The zapperbox is a cool looking box.

The price tag and the monthly fee… over some messed up guide data?

IDK man…

edit: also it’s kinda unfair to compare the zapper to the tablo… since you need 1 for every tv (as of now) and there isn’t any apps that you can run against it. Again… over some weird guide data.

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I know. I paid $80 discount for a gen 4 2-tuner with free guide. zapperbox $275 for 2 tuner plus $5 per month for DVR and guide. Since most of the channels are really bad, especially sub-channels, I wouldn’t notice if the guide was incorrect.


I agree… $80 for mine too.

I had DirecTV Stream and the price went up to $90 for basic. Plus I had streaming. My total TV bill was about $150. I wanted to bring it down. Tablo Gen4… my wife wanted the major networks to record her shows. Also wanted Quest channel (another locally broadcast network). Bam done.

Not perfect by any means… but it serves it purpose. My bill is $45 now.

Tablo Gen4 has been working great, since I tuned my network since I got it.

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I still use my OG legacy gen 1 units going back to 2014. Even then it took a while to smooth things out. Where things go nuts is when Roku releases a major Roku OS up date. Roku OS 12 screwed up FF,etc. I can hardly wait until the up coming Roku OS 13. But that’s why I keep a fire tv stick on hand.

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I thought people cut the cord to save money, but if ppl are spending this much money on extra stuff…? I don’t get it.

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For some it’s somewhere between a hobby and a hoarder that craves every episode of dragnet.

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Isn’t the collection of different DVR devices more of the hoarding than what you’re recording?

Not always. I have a hdhomerun 4 tuner 4K kickstarter box for ATSC 3.0

I’m starting to wonder if it was you I just saw oh hoarder’s with bins of VHS tapes and DVDRs!

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I’m a watch and delete person. Across my DVR’s I probably only have 200 gb of recordings and I would like to have zero. I should have it whittled down by may.

Sounds like how I’d spend the first few months of my retirement! Is that how you’re gonna get all that watched?

I believe @Ron1 linked to the thread that I recently created. Like you, I’m in NJ and I’ve tried several nearby zip codes and none worked. I had to use a large city close to NYC like Newark to make it work. I contacted support and they were able to identify the problem, but told me they didn’t have an eta on the fix as it required a change on their backend. I would encourage you to also open a ticket with them. If you do open a ticket, you will need to make sure you set it back to your zip and rescan your channels as they will check this and download logs from your unit.

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