Channel guide data for Fox missing

I turned on my Tablo 4th gen 4 tuner running on my Roku today and the channel guide data for FOX 8 out of Cleveland is missing. I have a strong signal according to the Tablo (4 green dots). The channel guide data has always been there since i setup the Tablo several weeks ago and this is a major station that i watch quite often.

You mean the TV grid or the TV guide or both.

The channel guide that shows what is on.

You mean the grid unless you are talking about some ribbon on the Home page. And if you know what might be on does it show up in the guide when you filter Shows/channels.

If so the information exists it just didn’t get populated into the grid by the app. Sometimes this gets corrected by rebooting the roku. And sometimes rebooting both the tablo and Roku will cause the data to be repopulated.

Zippy, I have this same problem: missing guide data when using favorites. How are you rebooting the Tablo?

I have the problem with guide data missing on my favorites too but this is not in the favorites but in the full channel listing. It is just one channel out that used to have its channel guide data populated.

I rebooted everything several times and then just unplugged everything and plugged them back in but no luck.

You could always remove the channel rescan and re-add the channel and see if that helps. But I would use a phone for that. I’ve only had the problem once and cleaned it up using the phone or tablet.

But I had pretty good luck with the roku 8.3 release which should appear after the new year.

To reboot the new Tablo, just tap the reset button on the bottom of the case (or on the top, if you have it upside-down like I do). Don’t hold the button in, just press and release and the Tablo will reboot. Or, if you want a cold reboot, pull the power cord, hold it out for a few seconds, and re-insert it. Using the power cord was more helpful for the Legacy Tablo to get a complete reboot, I suspect the same may be true of the new Tablo.

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I live just outside of Cleveland and have the exact same problem. No guide data for Fox 8

Are you using a Roku also?

Are you guys getting the guide data through other devices, like hooked up directly to your TVs?

Thank you MrDoh. I appreciate your response to my question regarding rebooting my new Tablo. I tried the unplugging method but that didn’t help. I still can’t get guide data when using the earmarked “favorites”. Perhaps the new 3.0 firmware will help solve this.

I’m not getting the guide data for FOX 8 on my Android phone app either.

What happens if you connect your TV antenna to the TV?

I’m wondering if the guide data is missing from the station, or from Tablo. Yes, your guide has been correct quite recently, but double-checking on another device might help figure out where the problem exists.

(And as far as favorites, they kinda do what they want. I haven’t found them reliable enough yet to use.)

When will Roku allow updates again Hopefully Jan 2

Didn’t you get today’s update?

You joking? Thought Roku didn’t allow updates during holidays
No update today.

I’m not joking.

I pressed the little asterisk on the remote, checked for updates, and now it’s on 0.8.401 … IDK why yours isn’t updating… Hmmm.

I just did check and it did. It fixed my guide data problem. Now just need firmware update to fix zip code not working for 78758 channel 24
Work around 78759