Channel guide data for Fox missing

Are you talking about aTablo update or Roku update?

Roku update

I connected the antenna to my tv but there isn’t guide data for any channel. It just shows the sation number. I don’t have a smart tv.

I have Roku app version 0.8.401-734366, os version 12.5.0.

I have Tablo firmware version 2.2.48.

Try a nearby zipcode

AFAIK, any digital TV will give you channel information. If you’re on say 11-1, you’d hit the info button or some have a separate guide button… even the Info button should give you your current channel and program info, maybe after pressing it a couple times… even when switching through channels, usually the TV tells you what’s on, this isn’t a smart TV thing. Even my 2009 bubble TV would show program info.

IDK what else to tell you. I still have to think that it’s the station itself since at least two of you are experiencing this issue.

Remind me again, though… is this happening in the full guide, or just in the favorites?

Both. Also on my android phone. I’ll try hooking it up directly to my tv again tomorrow. If it shows up, i may try changing my zip code to one close to me in Tablo.

Sounds good.

If the station isn’t providing guide information OTA, IDK if there’s anything Tablo can do about it.

When i connected the antenna directly to the tv and selected channel 8.1and pressed the info button, the current program’s info was showing. I checked several other channels and they all showed the current program that was on so it looks like the station is providing the guide information.

Great! That’s definitely a place to start. I appreciate your testing this again, thank you.

I know that using “Favorites” in the Tablo seems to often have errors and missing guide data, so double check that this is your full guide and not just your favorites (If you haven’t created any and are not on that screen, ignore me, I’m just trying t cover all bases!)

@zippy had suggested a channel rescan, and often this will clear up channel guide issues. It’s way up there, but it’s basically: Go into your settings > Guide and then uncheck your misbehaving channel(s) – if it’s got subchannels, it doesn’t hurt to uncheck those as well. Then choose Save & Continue (or Save & Exit if you used the back button instead). Go back to the same settings and rescan, making sure to recheck the channel. [Another way is to uncheck all channels except one, save, rescan, recheck.]

Also, @beastman mentioned the zip code trick that has worked for him and others.

Both are very helpful and I hope they will work in your case.

Keep pluggin’ away and let us know how things are going!

I have the same issue. In Cleveland all the other stations have programming information but Fox 8.1 has no data. This makes it impossible to record shows on that station. I am using a roku one one tv, Google tv and a firestick

Here is what the Tablo customer support said to do. It didn’t work for me.

  • First, open the Tablo app and head to the Settings screen.
  • Go to ‘Channel Lineup’ in the Tablo app Settings menu
  • Remove channel 8.1 FOX from your channel line up by selecting it and removing the checkmark
  • Press the ‘Save’ button (this step is important to remove the old channel data)
  • Wait ~5 minutes.
  • Navigate back to the ‘Channel Lineup’ screen and select the ‘Rescan’ button
  • Select the channel(s) to add them back to the guide
  • Press the ‘Save’ button
  • Wait up to an hour for the guide data to finish downloading, then check the Live TV screen to see if the guide data for Fox has been resolved

Thanks, I tried it and it didn’t work for me either

Same issue here, Fox 8.1 is no longer usable, data stopped on the 30th.

Tried all the recommended “tricks” and no joy. Getting kind of frustrated, missing out on a lot of programming I wanted to watch.

Anyone do a “Factory reset”? don’t wanna lose my DVR recordings, so I haven’t tried it

I am able to watch Fox 8 by clicking on the little box the channel number is in all the way to the left of the grid. When the program comes on you have to press fast forward to get to the current live programming.

The problem is GRACENOTE. Try changing your zip code to another one for your city. This fixes it sometimes

Here is the reply I received from Tablo today:

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Tablo support.

I’ve sent this information over to our guide data provider in order to have them add the guide data. It can take a 5-10 business days for this to show up in your guide.

In the meantime you are able to watch Live TV on that channel by tapping the call sign on the left of the missing guide data.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

But you can’t set up recordings on channel 8

Correct. Manual recording missing on 4th gen. Legacy has it.

Looks like they’ve successfully updated the database, Fox 8.1 is back