Change the optimizing guide schedule

As someone that has to get up by 3:30am I tend to watch TV around 2:30 or 3:00 before I get up, or watch my recordings. Every single morning though it gets interrupted for 5 minutes. What is so difficult about allowing me to set the time I want my optimizing to occur? For me I’d do it at midnight, for others I’m sure they’d want a different schedule. When are you going to add this ability, or at least explain why it is so difficult, somewhere it internally has a trigger time, so why not just allow that to be user set?

There are a few post from others on the same subject and always getting the same variation on
the boilerplate “someday” type blow-off response.

You go away feeling good, the realize that post response was made Jan 08, 2019 – that’s a lot of talking… there was a post with some possibilities… then nothing

Maybe by now you can get an answer with a bit more specifics.

I suspect on issues will be from users who feel they need to “baby-sit”, Windows-like, their device and will constantly change times “trying to fix something” then complain when it doesn’t work as they feel it should.

My guess is that you can’t set the specific time, but you can set a general time. It obviously has an internal switch that is set at a certain time (about 3am), not sure if that switch is via a clock or via some other event, but once it’s set, then it runs the optimizing as soon as it can, maybe that’s immediate, maybe that’s sometime still. But even with that, you’d think I’d be able to say, set that flag at 1am, or midnight, or whenever, though that doesn’t mean it will run immediately, it may run 30 minutes after that time base on whatever criteria it needs before doing it’s cleaning.

The only possibility I can think of that might be why they drag, is that the optimizing time is tied to the updating time and so it runs after the guide is updated and perhaps the guide update times are not under their control, but set by whatever service provides the guide. But there are still ways around this, and I am not certain that is the reason as I’ve seen the guide update anytime of the day if I change the channel lineup, or just force it, but it doesn’t automatically optimize after that update.

Are you on the Eastern coast? I am in Oklahoma and mine optimizes at around 4:21 am everyday. (Could be a few minutes before/after) So apparently they do optimize at different times

Both mine go in the 3am hour - 3:01-3:59 very specific, 3:36 & 3:47 with little to no variation. If OK is Central Time, then 4:21am would be 3:21am Easter… so relative to UTC, the may all go within the same time frame.

I kind’a thing I had one going at 4:XXam, but can’t confirm.

When the source of the guide data comes out, may be a factor. But if you have a subscription, you still have 13 days of upcoming programming.

It’s likely to keep support calls down. From reading some issues, for just not knowing/understanding, to thinking they know but really don’t all, the way to “I’ve been an Engineer/Programmer/Grand Puba for decades, I know how these things are suppose to work” giving users one more thing to fuss with will likely escalate tech support issues.

Yes, for a set of users it’s been an ongoing, unresolved issue - deal with it approach.

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