Can I change the timing of the daily "Optimizing Guide Data"

The “Optimizing Guide Data” usually occurs at the same time daily. Occasionally the exact time will change slightly, but it always occurs between 2 and 3 am. I am often still watching shows at that time and this temporarily interrupts my viewing and forces me to navigate back to the show/episode and resume viewing. It is quite annoying. Is there any way I can reschedule this daily event to occur later in the night (like 5-6 am?).


Sorry Jim. There isn’t a way to switch it right now but we’re hearing from a lot more night owls like you recently.

We’re talking internally about the best way to make this happen for the small number of folks who aren’t tucked in by 2 a.m.


There are also a few people that would prefer to power off their PVR (my mother as an example) overnight. Being able to choose the time of the maintenance tasks would make their lives easier.

Note: I realize the Tablo doesn’t use much electricity, but for the power conscious it is quite common to connect the entire home entertainment system to a power bar and switch it off before going to bed.

Also vote for this…I’m a night owl too, usually up working during the guide processing time.

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This feature should offer at least three options:

  • Automatic (same as current)

  • Manual on Demand

  • User Designated Time

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I would also prefer to have the “optimization” occur at 5 or 6 am. I am always interrupted at the 2:37am time. It is very dis-heartening… very… best case would be to choose the time ourselves.


I vote for during the day when Most are at Work, Very annoying for us night owls

I hadn’t noticed this issue personally but it was recently brought to my attention by a family member. The option to change the time would be great.

It may be difficult for us to offer a specific user-selectable time, but perhaps we can explore offering three different time blocks for folks:

  • STANDARD - Early morning (2-3 a.m. local time)
  • AM OPTION - Mid-morning (10-11 a.m. local time)
  • PM OPTION - Early afternoon (1-2 p.m. local time)

That should cover the use cases addressed above without impacting key viewing/recording times.


How about detecting if it’s being used, if it’s not then download the guide data


Exploring is always interesting.

Since Roku users have been waiting for the remote connect and manual recording options for over four years, I can only assume that that exploration ended much like the Franklin expedition. No wonder it involved a ship called HMS Terror.

The three time option would be a good short term workaround (better than what it does now) until a more custom option might become available. Obviously the more choices, the better, like maybe 6 (two options for each period - if that can be done). I currently do not usually watch/record in either of the two new time options. I also like the Jim_Dell idea of the unit detecting if it is currently being used (to watch/record) and maybe waiting until the current action is done to do the optimization. (p.s. This topic seems to be popular with guys named Jim)

I think a three time option would be a perfectly fine permanent solution, I think you can over customize if you aren’t careful so I’m not sure I agree with 6. What might be up for discussion is the three specific times. Maybe a poll to see what 3 times fit the most users and call it good.

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I’m not a night owl and have never witnessed this happen. I’d be more impacted by daytime or nighttime updates (I work days, my wife works evenings). Assuming even night owls eventually go to bed, it seems to me pushing it to the 4 am or 5 am hour would be better, and then add another option or two for what will presumably be a very small number of people who need it.

We’re trying to avoid infringing on the early risers as well. There are lots of folks who roll out of bed and watch local/national news programs as they work out/get ready for the day.

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True, which I guess underscores the need for at least a second if not three options.

It isn’t a perfect solution but it would be a huge upgrade! It got me last night. Those options would hopefully cover all the second shift people which I believe are the bulk of those having issues.

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I think this is a good solution. The only thing I would add is what @Jim_Dell mentioned. If it were possible for Tablo to detect if a device was currently steaming during the set user-selected time period, then it would be great if it could bump to the next available time slot. If the Tablo was still in-use during that time slot, then it could retry ‘x’ times until you needed to force it.

Not sure how vital it is to have new guide data every day, maybe it is a must for normal operation.

We have this. We get up at 3:30am ET, and around 4am, it performs the guide update while we’re watching the morning news.

I guess my question is… Why does updating the guide preclude all other Tablo operations?
I can understand maybe preventing some operations such as viewing the guide, but it doesn’t seem necessary to interrupt live TV while the guide is being updated.

What happens if you are recording a program during the 3-4 am time period?
Will the recording be interrupted or will the guide update be postponed?