Can't watch on multiple tvs

I have a Clearstream 4 antenna in the attic connected directly to tablo via short cable run. Tablo is connected to linksys1500 router via Ethernet. When I try to watch live tv on either roku 3 or Amazon the signal comes in fine and works great on any tv. The problem comes when I try to watch another live show simultaneously on a different tv. Then I can only get signal on one tv. The other signal freezes and stops. Please help. The signal comes in directly on tv beautiful. I am in the lehigh valley and pointed directly at the philly tower. I get fantastic reception off the antenna but can’t watch thru tablo on more than one tv at a time, this is very frustrating and a deal breaker if I can’t get it to work. We bought the tablo so we could watch live tv on multiple tea without having to rewire the whole house to the antenna. The only channel I don’t get is the philly abc channel which broadcasts on lo vhf. I can live without it. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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How many tuners does your Tablo have? Watching a show requires a tuner. So if you have a 2 tuner model then you can only watch 2 shows at once. If you have three devices that can access your Tablo then only two devices could be used at once. The 4 tuner Tablo would allow for 4 devices. You also have to remember that recording requires a tuner as well. The number of available tuners for watching Live TV will decrease when recording shows.

If you don’t have enough available Tablo tuners you could run your Tablo just as a DVR and then run your antenna directly to your TV’s.

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Almost certainly, it’s a router issue. A router that may have worked for web browsing and emails may not be adequate for media streaming. Also, many issues with Tablo clear up if you’re able to connect it to your router directly to the Ethernet port, which you may be unable to do in your case. So, I believe a better router may help. When I upgraded to the TP Link Archer C7, there was a noticeable increase in performance.

Another thing that may help is to go with a lower quality streaming setting, which will reduce the bandwidth requirements.

You mentioned a problem streaming live TV, but do you have a problem streaming recorded content to 2 TVs simultaneously as well?

i have a 4 tuner model and currently have no hard drive attached because currently im not trying to record anything…just make sure it works for watching.

My tablo is currently connected directly to the router. Its a pretty new robust router and ive never had trouble with bandwidth before. I have used 2 rokus and the amazon fire tv was thnplex on this network while kids were gaming and never had an issue.

You need a hard drive for the Tablo DVR to use more than one tuner for Live TV streaming.


Without a hard drive, keep in mind you won’t have the ability to pause or rewind live TV. USB hard drives have really fallen in price over the last few years. You may want to consider picking one up, even if it’s not a high capacity drive.

The streaming requirements for high quality video can push many routers beyond their ability to adequately perform, particularly older models that don’t support the latest standards. You could always try a newer router, and return it if it doesn’t fix your problem.

Really? Why is that. i dont understand why the unit wont distribute signal without a hard drive?

I have a linksys 1900 ac dual band router that is only a year old. It should be able to handle it.

Check this out:

They’re saying you need a hard drive to watch live TV. I had never considered running my Tablo DVR without one, so it’s not something I’ve tried to do.

Also, i currently dont care about being able to pause and rewind live tv. Im trying to verify the tablo will work to allow us to watch different live programs on different tvs.

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The Tablo DVR is transcoding the original MPEG 2 tv signal to mp4 and creates a buffer of about 10 to 15 seconds before sending it to the device(s) requesting the feed. It only has enough space on its internal memory for one feed.

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Thank you. Its weird that i can watch live tv on one tv fine without a hard drive. I will grab a hard drive and see if that works. I will update this week if it works. thanks. On that note…hd suggestions that work awesome are appreciated

Ok that makes sense. Thanks very much. Will grad a hd and give it a try :slight_smile:

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I’d go with a recommended hard drive:

Not all drives play nicely with the Tablo, so you might want to stick with the recommended drives. Mine is a 2TB model from the WD Elements series. The latest updates support much larger drives.

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Here’s a thread from the user community on USB hard drives: ‘Tested’ Hard Drives

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I looked thru the page on recommended hard drives and just got home and hooked up a seagate. Worked like a champ. Streaming nfl on two tvs and nascar on a thrid flawlessly! Thank you all so much. I am so excited to be fully operational and cable free!!!


I may need an auxiliary cooling fan for my poor little tablo. Its gonna be working its tail off!