Can't Remote View Any More


I can’t access Tablo from outside my home anymore. The settings page says my router needs to be manually configured, but it’s the same router I’ve had for years. It’s a Netgear Nitehawk R7000. I’ve tried help suggestions but am getting nowhere. My tablo connects to my router through a lan connection. I am able to view the Tablo on my phone and upstairs tv so the router is clearly receiving a signal from the Tablo.
The Tablo doesn’t appear on the list of devices on my router. I tried manually adding it in Lan setup, turning on UPNP, rebooting the router and Tablo.
The router won’t let me list as an address to forward to and that’s the assigned address for the Tablo.


Do you still have an active subscription for the Tablo?


Also - did you assign a static address for your Tablo in your router?

As for not seeing the Tablo ‘listed’ in your router’s config page, try rebooting your router. That is certainly an issue that should be cleared up first.


I have no idea if this might be your problem…But my experience is that TABLO on occasion “forgets” its pairing with my remote device. I then have to haul the remote device back to home base and re-pair it with TABLO. I am then OK again for a few months. It’s a huge pain but it is better than nothing.


Yes, I have an active subscription. I can’t assign a static address to something that doesn’t show up. I tried by MAC address in the Lan setup section on my router, but listing the mac address doesn’t cause it to show up in the list of devices. I tried forwarding the ports to the assigned IP address anyway, but that did nothing. Port mapping still fails.


Have you rebooted your router?


Odd that you’re not seeing the Tablo in the client list on the router. As @Athlon646464 mentioned, have you tried rebooting your router (and Tablo)?