Can't get Harmony remote programmed

Trying to get my Harmony 650 to control the Dual HDMI. Harmony doesn’t have the codes (although it seems to have Tablo in its database). So I taught the Harmony using the Tablo remote. But nothing works.

Has anyone else successfully gotten a Harmony programmed to run the Dual HDMI? If I can’t get this sorted, the product is going back.

The codes should be supplied by tablo support. I ask about the codes the day the HDMI was first released. They seemed to think it was the same as CEC - ta-dah.

Someone posting about first impressions found the remote but didn’t post the actual brand or model. If you knew you could probably bypass support and get it to work.

If the Dual HDMI’s remote connects via Bluetooth, then I don’t believe you can control it with the 650 as it only controls devices via IR. My 655 cannot control my Nvidia SHEILD as its remote uses Bluetooth.

The TV connected HDMI Tablo uses an IR remote, according to their web site

So given that it’s IR, and that the Tablo is not yet in the database, you should be able to train the Harmony. These are the instructions for doing that.

Thanks @lkahhan. I already tried training the remote a few times. But no luck so far. None of the programmed functions work.

Well @MrEasy, the only other thing I can think to suggest is to get a support ticket in with the Tablo folks and ask if they can have the codes added to the Logitech Harmony database.

Already did that yesterday. Also added another ticket for inability to stream from Dual HDMI over Ethernet.

What playback device are you using to stream from the DUAL HDMI?

Roku Ultra

FYI, we do not have any kind of database for third party/universal remotes as this is not officially supported. Mileage may vary here - our recommendation for the best results is to use the Tablo HDMI remote. I’ve alerted our team of your tickets and they’ll be responding ASAP.

Thanks for at least responding. It’s going on Day2 with no response from Support.
Since I can’t control the box with my universal remote and I can’t stream from it to my Roku via Ethernet connection, the product is no help for me.

I originally got it only because I can’t access either OTA or recorded content when internet fails, which is frequently around here.

I don’t want to be beyond the return window. So I hope support responds soon.

It’s been a while since I added custom keys on my Harmony hub remote, so I could be wrong… but AFTER you trained your commands from the Tablo remote (hopefully with unique names you recognize) into the Harmony, did you go into the ‘Watch Tablo’ activity and explicitly change key assignments from their defaults (channel up, back, etc) to the new Tablo keystrokes you’d taught it? If not, you might have taught it new commands without assigning them to buttons on the Harmony remote.

Hi Stu,
That could be the problem. I stumbled on the re-assign button feature but haven’t been successful getting all the functions assigned. Once you assign a function to a button, it looks like you can’t reassign it without redoing the whole thing. So far, I’ve managed to get only one button assigned.

It doesn’t seem worth the hassle. I think the Dual HDMI is going back.

Thanks for replying, though.

In the Harmony Android app, select
Menu > Harmony setup > Add/Edit Devices & Activities > Remote & Hub > Button Customization > Activity Control Buttons > Watch Tablo TV (or whatever you named that activity) :

  • Now click a button that is already assigned to a key used on the Tablo remote, like direction pad up
  • Click ‘Unassign’ at the bottom of the screen
  • I think that will take you back to a view of the remote, but that button will now have an orange highlight to indicate it’s unassigned. Click the same button to begin assigning it to something new
  • Under ‘Short press’, click ‘Device Name’, then select the Tablo remote/device (I’m assuming you trained the new keystrokes to that device)
  • Click the ‘Command’ entry and select the appropriate keystroke you’d taught, e.g. “Tablo DirectionUp”. OR click “Command Missing” at the bottom and train the keystroke from the Tablo remote again
  • Click the “>” in the upper right corner of the screen. Click the “>” in the upper right corner of the screen again to finish assigning that button
  • Repeat the button unassign/assign steps above for any other buttons you want to change
  • When you’re done making changes, click “>” in the upper right corner to the right of “Activity Control Buttons”. This will save your changes to the Harmony hub
  • Test and adjust if necessary
    It goes more quickly than the list makes it appear :grinning:
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Thanks for the walk-through, Stu. But I decided to return the Dual HDMI. This hassle plus the fact that it doesn’t stream to my Roku Ultra with both connected via Gigabit Ethernet made me decide.

The DUAL HDMI explicitly states it should do this so if it doesn’t that’s a huge bug / problem.

I guess if it’s being returned tablo support doesn’t have to worry about “inability to stream from Dual HDMI over ethernet” - to Roku Ultra.

[quote=“theuser86, post:16, topic:25599”]
The DUAL HDMI explicitly states it should do this so if it doesn’t that’s a huge bug / problem.[/quote]I agree, which is why I’m returning it. Might buy it again in a year or so after they have time to work out the bugs.
I really wish they’d just fix their regular models so that I can watch OTA and recorded shows without internet. When we lose power, I can fire up the generator for power, but not internet.

I have the Campanion but it have not tried yet since I had to unplug the Harmony Hub and NVidia Shield to power the Tablo and an external HD. I did some-reorganizing and freed up some sockets. Testing the NVidia was the priority but I will get to the Logitech Hub soon and maybe I can help more or maybe someones else’s response will help me too.

My TV and NVR are controlled via Ethernet. It is called the Harmony HUB.