Cannot Establish Connection

I’ve had my Tablo for roughly less than 2 months and I’ve already had 4 different times where I wasn’t able to remotely connect to it. I have the iOS app and when I attempt to connect, I get the message “A connection to your Tablo could not be established. Please check your internet connection.”

I have remoted into my router so I know that my internet connection is working and have remotely rebooted my router. The last few times this happened I had to power cycle the Tablo and I have a feeling this will be the same. Very frustrating!

Any ideas or suggestions.

Is it this message…

I ask just because you may want to post in that thread as well.

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Thanks Nilex, I will try this.

I get this all the time. Sometimes I can remote with my iPhone, but more often it says no connection. Even a delete and reconnect (which can only works locally) doesn’t fix the problem until a reboot of the tablo. Just curious what router you have? Mine is an Arris TG1682G (supplied by my internet provider) which often shows the Tablo disconnected (maybe a sleep mode?). Most local devices, however, have no problem waking and reconnecting to the Tablo, locally. The only ones that have problems are my Samsung TV locally, and my iPhone remotely.

Note: all wired devises including the Tablo have reserved static ips.

As I have stated in other threads, the 2.5GHz band in my neighborhood has become overcrowded. Your neighborhood may be experiencing similar conditions over the coarse of the day.

If possible, try using the 5GHz wifi band.

Sorry for the delayed response. I have a Spectrum Ubee (Model DVW32CB) but it’s I have it set to pass-through to a Linksys Router. My Tablo is hardwired into my network and also has a static IP.

Same here about the delay. With my router, sometimes the automatic configuration by Tablo takes, and sometimes it calls for manual configuration. When Tablo calls for manual configuration, I can only wait until the automatic works again, because the Arris router only allows to manually set up port forwarding . There is no option for port mapping. So I usually wait a day, try reconfiguring, and sometimes it takes and everything works, but usually it’s short lived.