Cannot connect to wifi after 8 months

My Tablo has worked wonderfully but now I can’t get it to broadcast its signal so I can set up a connection through wifi. I got a new router and it worked wonderfully for a couple of days after having the new wifi connection set up. One night it had trouble connecting one night and I can’t get it to reconnect. I have a repair ticket in but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. They have told me to plug it in to the router so they can access it. I’ll probably end up doing that but thought I’d try one last time myself.

I’ve tried the factory reset and it still won’t broadcast for me to connect to it. Would it make sense to try to set it up through an ethernet cable to the router and then try wifi? I know all my recordings are gone now but that doesn’t really bother me. I just want it to work. Help!

as I understand it…if it’s connected to Ethernet, it won’t broadcast wifi…if it’s not connected to ethernet, and also not connected to wifi, it should broadcast its own so you can connect and configure it…if that’s not happening, and the standard troubleshooting of rebooting, yada yada yada, then there isn’t much you will be able to do other than follow their instructions so they can verify if it’s a hardware issue.

That’s my understanding as well. It has to be a hardware issue at this point.

It could be the wireless router channel bandwidth setting.
Some of my wireless network devices had issues with…
2.4GHz channel bandwidth set to 40MHz or Auto
5GHz channel bandwitdth set to 80MHz or Auto

You didn’t mention what media device you use. I use Roku as my media device(s).

Just keep in mind that you are troubleshooting two connections. One from your Tablo to the router and one from your router to your media device.
My Tablo is connected to the router via ethernet.

Your problem may be that the 2.5GHz band has become overcrowded in your neighborhood.
I used my Roku on the 2.5GHz band without problems for several years. Then like you, one night I couldn’t connect to my Tablo at all.

I switched my Roku over to the 5GHz band and all my connection problems miraculously disappeared.

I prefer ethernet connections over wifi whenever possible. I know everyone’s circumstances are different. Just something else to consider.

Good luck in resolving your problem.

I have been using the 5G network since I got the device. My house is in a neighborhood with 2 acre lots and there are no nearby networks showing up on my potential wifi networks…

I have twice driven home from work in the middle of the day the last two days to turn my Tablo on to remote access so they can work on it. They requested me to do so both times. I have never received follow up either time. I can’t tell they’re doing anything. Tonight I am going to miss one of my favorite shows because they haven’t fixed my Tablo.

I think they need to send me a new one and I’ll mail them this one. This is truly unacceptable. Anyone listening out there from the company?

The team will be in touch with you today.

9 months after receiving a new Tablo, the same exact problem again. Can someone please get back to me on this? My support ticket has been sitting for nearly four days now.

Hi there - It looks like you sent a few follow-up messages before we were able to get back to you. Unfortunately doing so will only push your ticket to the back of the line in our system.

Someone from the support team will touch base with you shortly.

We already know the challenges with live support, if someone lives and works several time-zones away it could be virtually impossible to even try to call…

Now, if someone uses email, they realize or trouble shoot further and have subsequent messages to support – without knowing it, suddenly they have to start waiting all over. So they wonder what’s up, and inquire… so they bump themselves back again – without notice. and Nuvyyo is a tech company, how is this considered a good idea?

You’d think they’d have fixed this idiotic flaw in the system by now. I think they set it up that way on purpose so they can post responses like this. It’s the ultimate in passive aggressive.