Cannot connect laptop running Win 10

Pretty happy with my Tablo. Haven’t been able to connect my laptop running Win 10. It wouldn’t connect via wireless when I first got it, then wouldn’t connect for several months, then Oct Nov 2016 it connected, now Dec 1, 2016 no longer connecting via wifi. Tablet and phone will connect, so it’s connected to the wireless network okay.
worked with support when the problem first showed up; support was not able to find the problem. Ticket #20716.
I don’t often use the laptop for Tablo; use the the tablet mostly, so got along with out the laptop. But it started working and now stopped, so my question is: has anyone figured out what is going on with Tablo and Win 10?

I’ve had the same problem off and on, now currently on. Goes into endless sync mode. Rebooting, resyncing all to no avail. All else is fine.

Are you guys using Chrome for the browser? Have you tried clearing cookies?

Have they also tried the Windows 10 / XBox app? It’s THE BEST Table app I’ve seen and is FAST.

Tried clearing cookies. No change. Never ending Sync mode. Now what?

I’ve gone thru a similar scenario with PC. Any luck yet?

Works great on my Windows 10 and Windows 7 puters. But only works with Chrome. I don’t think it ever worked in Firefox. And I don’t use Internet Explorer.

AFAIK, it will never work with Firefox or MSIE or Edge. Right now, requires WebSQL.

Have you tried the XBOX / Windows 10 app? It’s stable and FAST

Using Chrome 55.0.2883.75 , cleared cookies. No joy.

How’s that work on my laptop?
The frustrating thing is, worked with Tablo support for quite a while and we both decided we couldn’t fix it, so I gave up and just used Tablo on my tablet. Then around Oct, it started working on my laptop, and now late Nov it stopped working again. I’m convinced it has something to do with Win 10 updates and tablo support is not keeping up.

Win 10 updates rendered my 2 month old laptop nearly unusable sometime in late September. Then one day in October a new update installed and its been smooth sailing since. So for sure I’m not laughing at your assumption jfscullion.

What laptop do you have? I jnow it does"t work on Lenovo 100S but it us fast on my HP laptop.

Toshiba Satellite C675, 2.2 GHz, 64bit, 4G ram,

I rarely watch Tablo on my Win10 laptop but today I was using it to check out some programs I wanted to record. Everything was going fine. I then heard the hard drive spin up and start crunching away. Like Tablo was doing some file maintenance. Within seconds Tablo crashed and gave me the typical message where it couldn’t establish an authentication session or there was internet connection issues. There are no internet issues so I closed Chrome then later opened it and now I always get the same message and it will not connect. All my other devices work fine so it must be Chrome related. I haven’t tried working with it yet to see if I can fix it somehow. I’ll try later when I have more time and patience.

I have a windows 10 laptop and have not had any issues with it connecting to my Tablo. I do use google chrome. Now, I do have tablo issues, about once a month it stops working and I have to unplug it and yes I have contacted support many times. But when this happens, it happens on my roku, android phone and my laptop at the same time. It is usually solved by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in.

just saying, but unless you are using the xbox app, you must use Chrome.

As of Dec 16, laptop now works correctly with Tablo. Latest system change was an automatic update to Adobe Flash player on Dec 15 and an automatic update to Microsoft Office 2007 on Dec 15.
I would guess the Flash player update may be the reason it’s working now.

Did you find a fix? I had the same problem. Did you try opening in incognito mode? Worked for me.

Your reply made me go to my computer and start up Tablo in Chrome. So no I have not tried to look for a solution. Ironically it opened just fine and works great. I don’t know what the issue was. The only device in my house that ever has issues on my network is Tablo. It can be frustrating at times. But really for the most part it works fine nearly 100% of the time so I have little to complain about.

I see my laptop got the Flash Player update Dec 13th. Maybe that fixed it.