Can you use 2 tablo's

I’m thinking of getting a tablo 4th gen to use with roku sticks on each of the 4 tv’s in my house. I read there may be a 4 tuner tablo model in the works, but I was wondering if you can use 2 of the current 2 tuner 4th gen tablos on the same network? I would like to have 2 rokus connect to one tablo and the other 2 connect to the other tablo. Is that doable?


Yes, you can have multiple Tablo units on your network. The various access apps will allow you to select the one to which you wish to use. Obviously, you should choose names that identify each device.

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for legacy models it works very smoothly, and you can switch back and forth, as long as you use the disconnect/switch option versus the exit option.

But I haven’t seen a user indicate they have 2 gen 4’s.

True, though it is going to work the same as long as the user names them differently.

It current doesn’t with gen 4 with one tablo unit.

I’m presented with the option to exit or cancel. If I exit when I restart the app it should start in the menu I exited from. it doesn’t. it always starts in the home menu which I never use.

To get to the disconnect page on the 4th gen Tablo (at least using a Roku), you click on the Tool icon in the top right corner. Then in the “Account” menu, there is an option to disconnect from your Tablo, which will bring up available Tablos to select from.

What is interesting is that the 4th gen Roku app now doesn’t display any Legacy Tablos. It used to, though I think it is good to not see them.

On the Android mobile app, I don’t see a way to disconnect. I can log out, but that isn’t what you want.

Holy crap. That is more convoluted or anti-logic then the legacy fire tv app where you had to go all the way to the bottom of the settings page to disconnect.

the gen 4 Roku app already has a 2 item menu for the back button. Why not just add another selection - disconnect. I always leave the app in a disconnected state whether I’m switching units or really exiting the app.

It did have that. I don’t know if it only appears if you have multiple 4th gen Tablos or it was taken off the exit menu.

Indeed, it works smoothly for OG Tablos, but it was “worth it” when one subscription from Tablo could cover both units, and there was a lifetime option. Not as good as deal now that each unit has to have a monthly sub.

Thanks for the replies but without having owned a tablo yet, some of the replies are confusing (and perhaps conflicting) when read. If I’m understanding the responses correctly, you can get 2 gen 4s, you have to just name them differently. I won’t be switching between tablos on any tv’s. 2 will always go to one tablo the other 2 will always connect to the other. They will not need to share recordings, so hopefully I don’t have to worry about the disconnect chatter in this thread. User cjcox mentions subscriptions and monthly sub. I thought that was done away with in the current gen 4 model. I am I correct in what I’ve interpreted on this subject?

I’m strictly talking about the original Tablo’s which were designed to give you live TV anywhere. Not the 4th gen models.

While the text on the settings say disconnect the options seem to only allow switch or search to find tablo to switch too.

I prefer to leave the generally used TV’s with Roku in a disconnected state. people use different tablo’s and you never know who will next use the device.

That is correct. Technically you can have them both the same name (nothing to stop you), but it would be confusing to know which is which. :slight_smile:

It’s was also super confusing during setup. I forgot I had a unit using the default name “tablo”. And the new unit had the default name “tablo”. I had to go unplug the old unit so I wouldn’t pick the wrong one.

I just saw that Best Buy has the 4 tuner Gen 4 available for pre-order for $139.99, but the listing states:
Release Date: Not Announced

Seriously!!!, I just ordered 2 of the 2 tuner models yesterday when I saw the pre-black friday special of $79.99 pop up. I haven’t got a shipping notice yet, maybe I can contact them and cancel before they ship.


Wow, kudos to Tablo’s support rep. on this forum. I received an email shortly after my last post about having just ordered 2 of the 2 tuner models and then seeing the preorder available for the 4 tuner. They let me know that my order had already shipped, but I could refuse delivery if I wanted to order the single 4 tuner model. I’ve given some thought and I think I’ll stick with the 2 two tuner models I ordered. It was just $20 more and It does double the overall DVR storage across the 2 devices, and the way they’ll be used, no tv will need to be switching between tuners.

Thanks for the fine customer service.


You’re very welcome! We hope you enjoy your new Tablos!

Not w oi th Roku or Apple TV

I’m a bit confused with what is being said. I just ordered a second 2 tuner Tablo 4th gen and want to know if they can be used on the same network as along as I name one Tablo1 and Tablo2. Also how would they be seen when I open the Tablo app (FireTV stick)