Can you use 2 tablo's

Yes, you can use multiple Tablos on the same network.

When you use an app for the first time on a device, you will be prompted on which Tablo to connect to. After that, it should remember which one you used. Each app has it’s own way of getting to that “select Tablo” prompt.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s really not that difficult (and I did it before I knew if I could!)

Your best bet is to name your first one before you connect the second one. That way, you’ll know that “Tablo” is the new one when you plug it in and set it up.

You can only “see” one Tablo at a time. If you go to Settings, there is a “Switch Tablo” option. There it will show the current Tablo you’re connected to, as well as give you the option to pick a different one.

If you try it now, it’ll come back to your only one without giving you an option screen.

As an example, in the Android Mobile version, you click on the person icon, then you’ll see your current devices as well as an option to Add New Tablo. Setup is exactly like the first time you did it.

I repeat that you will want to change your original Tablo’s name before you start the process, so you have a much easier time working your way through setup (remember those repeated steps to connect the Tablo to your account… it’s very confusing if you don’t know which is which.)

Hope this helps, keep asking questions!

(FWIW, I’ve got two 2-tuners RN, and a 4-tuner on the way. I need to set up the 4-tuner before I can give the other one to my Mom, so I’ll be doing this again, hopefully soon.)

Thanks for all of the advice. I have a second one coming at the end of January for my birthday so I will see what happens when I give it a try.