Can you auto delete files from the tablo?

I’ve used Tablo Ripper for ripping files from the Tablo. Is there anyway to auto delete files? I’d like to have them deleting after ripping.

Nuvyyo is in the process of defining a casual/informal third party developer program. I’ll ask if this is possible once they are ‘ready’.

You’re not the first person to request this, and I suspect not the last.

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Go for it…

You’ve already proven what you can do.

You should be on their programming team !


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With RetiredEngineer as manager if he can be coaxed out of retirement.


I think you forgot the /s at the end of your post :grinning:

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And just like that - please go check the main TabloRipper thread.

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The beta folder appears empty.

Never mind. I just noticed that 1.6.5 which I just downloaded yesterday has that checkbox. Thank you. I will try it out now.

It seems to be working just fine, so I moved it to the standard location. Looking forward to hearing your results too.

Used the delete version today. Works great, thanks. Not knowing which recordings are mine and which are my wife’s, she noticed one of hers off the Tablo and said, “What happened to my show?” I told her it’s OK, it was moved off the Tablo. She said, “Well have him make a his and hers version.”


See how this goes? Now I’ve got a yet-another new boss in addition to @RetiredEngineer.


I have eventually learned the etiquette of deleting DVR files when sharing the DVR with my dear wife and best friend of 54 years, Mrs. SWMBO. It could almost make sense to have ‘his’ and ‘hers’ Tablos to avoid the hazard of deleting a file without asking first.

@CycleJ has delivered a superb 2 Tablo ripper, so the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ feature is already finished, waiting for the extra Tablo box…


Just ripped my wife’s show Scream Queens, and it seems as though some of the episodes the ripper saw on the Tablo are gone both from the computer and the Tablo. I will watch more closely on the next one. If the ripper runs into an issue with a file it won’t delete it from the Tablo, correct?

That’s correct, with one important exception. If you manually terminate ffmpeg using the windows task manager, Tablo Ripper can’t distinguish that from a normal exit. But you’d have to go out of your way to make that happen.

Before the delete version I ran into a situation where I had two episodes from a series on the Tablo. When they were ripped from the Tablo to the PC, I wound up with just one episode on the PC. I looked closely and noticed that the episode names were being truncated so that the second episode overwrote the first episode: the name truncation resulted in both episodes having the same name under Windows.

I then ripped each episode individually and renamed it before ripping the second one. Then I got both episodes.