Can use web-based App when away from home?

And if that’s the case, how?

I guess I need to “pair” or use the computer that I will later use away from home with my Tablo? Is that correct?

@sql_lover, yes you can.  First you need to pair, as you mentioned.  And then you have to enable Tablo Connect in your settings.  You may also have to do some port forwarding, but the ports will be identified for you by your Tablo once you enable Tablo Conect.

Here’s the instructions: 

Well, I did that :wink: … my iPad works fine. But I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that for my work’s PC, which of course, stays at work.

Unfortunately the device has to be paired while it’s on your own home network. If it’s a desktop, that might be a bit difficult to explain… :D 

I see, that’s what I thought… I guess I’m out of luck then. I will figure out something then.  That was my plan A for FIFA World Cup, live I mean.

Maybe I will enable VPN on my router and do RDP to one of my PCs at home. Hmm…


I am heading off to Europe tomorrow, and I am bringing my two tablets with me.  Tablo Connect has worked for me fine so far the few times I have tried it, but I am curious if it will work overseas.   I will let you know!

@snowcat - We’ve had people test it in the Caribbean successfully so keep us posted on how it goes in Europe. Enjoy your trip :slight_smile:  

@snowcat, do you need me to carry your bags for you?? I can come to do that, of course you would pay :stuck_out_tongue:

@snowcat I watched my home news show form Puerto Rico without a hitch in the web app.

@snowcat - PS - please take a picture of yourself watching Tablo on your Euro vacation!

I will do that.  Sounds cool.

I have decent upload rates at home, so for me, download speed when I’m away from home is the key!

I tested at B&N today and the 2Mbps download speed was not enough. It was impossible to watch on my iPad using that wifi. Not a Tablo issue, and not my router or Internet issue either.

I tested using my Verizon Wireless iPad and ran perfectly fine.

So in my opinion, if the upload speeds (home) and download speeds (away from home) are both 4Mbps or more, it should be fine. But I’m curious if someone have found different numbers.

I also believe that the number of hops and overall latency, plays an important role as well. Poor latency (20ms and higher) with decent download rates, are a problem too.

Can someone please confirm if static IP address is required for away from home connection? Thank you.

A static IP is not absolutely required, but it is highly recommended.  If your router reboots for some reason, it may reassign all the IP addresses in your system, which would mess up your Tablo Connect.

Note, this doesn’t mean that you have to have a static ip with your Internet Service Provider.   It just means that you should go into your router and assign a static IP address to the Tablo, something all routers can do.

yeah, this all needs to be easier - i understand the concept behind “pairing” is to make things easier - but it also limits where and when i can watch recordings, which isn’t what this product is about.  Maybe something like a token “file” you can install on a remote PC?

Or simply authentication from your servers, other services do this (Aereo did) and it worked well.

My wife and I made it to Prague just fine this morning. When I got to the hotel, my Tablo connect worked great!

I have taken any pictures yet with it here, but I will at some point.

@snowcat - Hahaha. Thanks for checking in and glad things are working well. Enjoy your vacation! 


@snowcat  show off :stuck_out_tongue: