Can not live stream

I changed from a 2 tuner to 4 tuner at exactly the same time a major release came out. Having used it for 2 years with excellent performance, I am experiencing nothing but dropouts. not remembering where it is in a show, not remembering how many shows are recorded and now today I am getting can not live stream. Never had any problems until I changed units with a new upgrade.

Problem after problem after problem. Very disappointing. It has been a great product up until now.

Since I wasn’t sure if my problem was changing to 4 tuner or the update, based on reading on the internet I would say the problem was a buggy update.

What should I do? I can’t use it to watch live shows.

Others have had problems with signal strength after moving to the 4 tuner. I would start with antenna location, position and signal going into the Tablo.

Signal strength test shows 3 green dots.

It might help if you describe your setup

I found out on another thread the problem is likely the 4 tuner being more demanding on drives. My disk drive was about 90% full so I deleted enough so it’s down to about 75% and the live stream problem stopped.

I would guess accessing storage is probably a bigger problem for the 4 tuner model than the 2 tuner. It’s working better now and I know to watch disk space more closely.

Don’t trust the dots…


Yes, the dots are a small snapshot and are not a good indication of signal over time.