Buffering - Nexus TV and Fire TV app

Everything has been working great but tonight, I feel like throwing my Tablo out the window.

My Recordings are CONSTANTLY buffering. I’ve tried the app on my Nexus TV…Fire TV…wired, wifi…same annoying issue…the stream stops after a min or two or play back.

Like I said, everything has been working great…even last I was watching recordings off the Nexus TV with no issues.

I can stream to my iphone with no problem…through the browser on my desktop, no problem.

Recording is set to 5Mb…but like I said, it’s been fine.


Are you running any beta firmware or Android apps?

@sciampa - Sounds like there might be some communication problems happening.

Can you try rebooting your router, your Tablo (just a quick press & release of the blue button) and your devices giving each a chance to complete their reboot cycle before rebooting the next device?

That should get them talking to eachother properly again.

If that doesn’t work, pop our support team a note and we can look at other troubleshooting options: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new