Amazon Fire TV ('previous generation') no longer working w/ Tablo?

I have 3 TVs
2 with Amazon Fire Sticks - ( )
1 Amazon FireTV ( )

The 2 fire sticks work fine. However the Fire TV does not work. It will start playing, but after 5-10 seconds start buffering… then play 2-4 seconds and then another 5-10 second buffer…

I switched the FireTV Box to a different Television and the problem followed the FireTV.
All other apps on the FireTV work fine (Netflix, ESPN etc.)

Previous post… .could be related… i can’t link, so I’m only allowed one link… but here it is basically…
Buffering - Nexus TV and Fire TV app


There are 3 generations of the Fire TV. I have the 1st Gen Fire TV and the Tablo works.

Maybe delete the Tablo app, reboot the Fire TV and re-install the app?

@caseynshan Don’t hesitate to send the details (your Tablo’s MAC, the version of the Fire TV, etc) to our support team. We can take a closer look.

Thanks for the idea theuser86, but that did not work.