Billy Joel Live and Tablo can't play it ? 9pm EST

I get playback failed… Retry? or Cancel

Come on Tablo, I wanted to see this special… SMFH

I’m getting playback failed on most channels. WTF

Good on you @TabloSupport @TabloEngineering. About 10-15 mins and you’re back up.

Good job!

So did anyone else see issues around this same time? Others who posted about issues today posted about 2 hours before you did and their issues resolved in 10-15 minutes it sounds like so curious if others encountered the same issue you did.

@TabloEngineering I spoke too soon. Less than 15 mins later, your service failed … AGAIN.

Where do I file for a refund

Now it’s back. Get your sh*t fixed Tablo. This is unacceptable @TabloSupport @TabloEngineering

Are you sure that you’re not just having reception issues?

I would run a quick channel scan on a spare device to make sure you’ve got green dots next to that station.

Out again at 10:05pm… right when Sting entered the stage. This so-called service sucks.

“playback failed” Retry or Cancel SUX

This is the third time I’ve checked this when you’ve posted about your issue, and both of my Tablos are coming in perfectly fine for this show.

then you’re just lucky, I guess

Or you’re having reception problems through your antenna.

No reception issues. Checked it on other non-Tablo TVs. It’s a Tablo issue… remember "retry failed’ displayed??

Correction: Playback failed. Retry? or Cancel

You can’t compare two separate antennas. Or one antenna being split between the two. That’s why I mentioned running a channel scan on the TV you weren’t using. Maybe it didn’t come out clearly that I meant to do it through your Tablo app so you would see what’s going on. You verify the you have a decent signal.

As for your error, this is one that is often seen when there is signal loss.

It sounds like there might have been a server error earlier this evening, but right now you seem to be the only one having difficulties.

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First of all, you’re assuming I have separate antennas and I don’t. All of my televisions run off of a main antenna attached to the house.

Though I appreciate you trying to figure it out in a community forum, I would love to have some feedback from the company on what could be going on or what is wrong.

And yes I can agree that it sounds like a signal issue, but from the troubleshooting I did on my end it did not appear to be.

Matter of fact I think it has a direct relationship to the fact that CBS was running late on their schedule because of the Masters. Knowing full well that this service depends heavily on the TV Guide and since the show was not starting at the pre-scheduled time caused a lot of this problem.

Several times the show would be available again, only to start buffering and fail. So not only was I not able to watch the show on my main television, but I was not able to record it either.

This continues a long history of failures by this product.

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Stop playin’ dude! Keep it real with your self.

It’s your reception. My wife recorded that and it played fine for her this morning.

No blips or pixeling.

Just stop. Anyone with any technical fortitude can read your post and KNOW the issue is within your home, not Tablo.

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Maybe. But I’m starting to wonder if a brief reception issue is somehow corrupting Tablo’s operation in a way that it cannot recover properly without a hard reset. Maybe that’s what happened to me last night. Why else would everything on the Tablo be fine, including (in my case) the sub-channels coming from the very same physical transmitter? Why would it magically be corrected with a reset?

As an aside, the local CBS affiliate here in Utah cut the BJ concert off at 10pm to run the local news. Right in the middle of “Piano Man”. Really? Sunday night local news? Unbelievable.

I heard about CBS cutting off Piano Man on the news. They are offering the full song on

It wasn’t a reception issue. Apparently you did not read the thread where other TVs on the same antenna had NO issues.