Beelink GT1 behaves like the new Amazon FireTV Stick. Unusable without keyboard and mouse

Hello, I didn’t want to hijack the thread here, but just wanted to report that the Beelink GT1 suffers from similar behavior as indicated in that thread. (Device specs at bottom of this post)

I happen to have access to the Beelink GT1 and “new” FireTV Stick, as well as the “older” FireTV stick, FireTV box, Google Nexus Player, and various Roku’s

  • The Beelink is essentially unusable with Tablo, unless you connect an external keyboard and mouse
  • Using the supplied remote results in no visible navigation so you have no idea where on the screen the current focus is
  • The only time you get any audible feedback is by clicking the “hamburger” icon on the Beelink remote
  • Again, it is exactly the same behavior as what I saw with the brand new FireTV Stick (which now has a fix pending, per this thread)
  • Both devices (Beelink and FireTV Stick) purchased late October 2016

Also, I did quickly review this thread regarding Android Tablo App being device dependent for some insight.

Thank you

Beelink GT1 specs:
Android 6.0.1 (firmware update: September 30, 2016)
Build GT1_104M0
Amlogic S912
CPU: 8 Core A53
GPU: T820MP3
4K 60fps
H.265 HEVC
Dual WiFi (2.4G + 5.8G)
Gigabit Ethernet
Bluetooth 4.0

Device version: 2.2.10
HTML Application: 1.0.27
App installed from Google Play Store

I have replaced my original Amlogic based Tronsmart box with another box that has the same Hardware than the Beelink GT1. This is not my primary Tablo box but after reading your post I tried it and see the same smaller screen when playing the video, even though the GUI fills the screen. This time the 30sec advance is there. I am using a fly-mouse that is paired with an USB dongle and it works fine. The remote that came with the TV Box is only usable with Tablo GIU when the remote is in mouse mode.