ATSC 3 in line tuner

Is there a way to add a decoder i line so the Tablo sees the channels and can work with them? Or has to be at the tv end

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The holy grail of ATSC 3.0 is a ASTC 3.0/1.0 headless gateway DVR device that supports AC-4 and decrypts DRM. Not there yet. You might find a HDMI connected DVR STB that supports AC-4 and DRM.

Check back in 30 days.

No. Eventually, ideally, Tablo will have a separate “new” device with ATSC 3.0 tuner and possibly DVR capability. But there’s no guarantee of that ever happening.

As for today, Tablo 4th gen is a standalone device. It’s just ATSC 1.0.

There are other products besides tablo and I’m sure there are tablo users who also access ATSC 3.0.

I have dabbled and used 3 different ATSC 3 devices, non are fully ready IMO. :thinking: The cheapest ADTH ATSC 3 converter box seems to have the best picture. I have this on my main TV along with the new white 4 tuner Tablo and 4 tuner Tivo. After the ADTH box, Zapperbox will be next to record ATSC 3 DRM both are HDMI connected though. HDHR, returned it, will be able to record ATSC 3 DRM in a year or so maybe as they are trying to stream not use HDMI which is much simpler.

Only a guess, but about a year from now, Tablo will release a 4 tuner ATSC 3 HDMI connected Tablo. There really is no rush as not much different on the channels, slightly higher quality some with HDR, but all the 4k and fancy things are still a long ways off I think.

Unfortunately, DRM has proven to be the monkey in the wrench, the fly in the ointment, the pain in the ass. Presumably, the justification for adding DRM to ATSC3 is to prevent piracy, but I’m struggling to wrap my head around who cares around who cares about pirating free, over the air TV. It’s freely available to everyone. I imagine someone, somewhere has/will come up with a scenario where someone, somewhere does something the broadcasters don’t like with a freely available signal, but so what? Is it worth the major disruption that DRM has caused in the industry?

Just a random rant. Feel free to ignore.

Sadly, OTA is already on its last breath. If everything were to become overridden with DRM and nothing could be recorded, I can only imagine the fallout from that. The world we live in now, it’s unrealistic to expect someone to be AT their TVs for certain programming. Only being able to access one show at a time and making a person choose… bad idea.

They can’t even keep subscribers now that they’ve split up into their own streaming platforms!

Regardless, as long as it took for the original digital transition, I think it would take another federal mandate to enforce this 3.0.

Household OTA has increased from 18.5 million households to around 23 million.

And the surge in antenna use is considerable. Overall, according to estimates from research firm Parks Associates, more than 23 million U.S. broadband households regularly use TV antennas to view over-the-air content.

My ATSC 3.0 isn’t DRM’ed yet. So a gateway like HDHR is better for whole house distribution. STB HDMI ATSC 3.0 devices are not of any interest to me.

The networks don’t want another Locast.

Recording will be possible but streaming of any kind is questionable :disappointed:

… meaning outside the house?

Yes. I don’t kno we if it will happen. Scheduling recordings is coming

What makes you think DVR of unencrypted ARSC 3.0 isn’t already available? Limitations on out-of-house viewing is a A3SA requirement for DRM broadcasts.

The “desire” is controlled DVR only, that is only from a source capable of decrypting using the (now) requisite DRM. You will not have free reign over the recordings. The ability to play them back, even locally from a DRM decrypting device, is to be controlled.

The hope (not now), is that an end to DRM on ATSC 3.0 will occur. Then, we can go back to being able to capture broadcast for personal use the way it has been with ATSC 1.0.

Feel free to show an even a “local original device only” (controlled) ATSC 3.0 DVR with DRM today. Personally, I do think these will come (I’m just not aware of one), but you will never be able to watch remotely, nor will you be able to extract the recordings in a way that is usable outside of the original recording device.

Everyone is stuck behind A3SA approval of methodology, Widevine API’s, and A3SA test certification. And since I’m not a digital hoarder I could care less if I can’t extract the original recording. I delete it as soon as I watch it.

The ADTH ATSC 3 converter box can already record DRM channels, so it can be done. No one ever seems to mention the good things, only the bad. Yes the DVR is beta and no frills, but it can record DRM channels, so getting there. There is not only HDHR and Tablo, others out there too.

The ATSC 3 channels, if on the same band which they usually are, you can even record 1 channel while watching a different channel. Nice considering it is only a 1 tuner device that you can do this.

Can you show “the data” where you see the ADTH box actually recording DRM’d content? Regardless, can it be played back “anywhere” or only from the original device?

You seem to be the expert here, so please give the details.

Is there anything in the A3SA standard that says recorded DRM content can or can not be played on another device.

You seem to be playing a game of hints based on what you have read.