Apple TV to be or not to be

I thinking of getting apple tv. Do I need AirPort Express to connect to my home network?
Is this a good idea or just more problems? I’m just sick and tired of my Roku3 freezing or rebooting.

You can use any wireless router you like. I have a Asus wireless router from t-mobile(got it free). If you are getting the 4th Gen Apple TV, it’s supports the AC wireless network for faster performance. I’d say try and have a router with support for AC for potential better performance.

I’ve read here that the new Roku firmware has less issues, I imagine YMMV.

I have the 4th gen Apple TV , it works well and it’s very stable. Entering username and password is better now with the iPhone Remote app. Physical Remote is premium and works well, get a case though. Great performance overall, apps are coming out regularly. AirPlay is annoying to me but needed without a Tablo app. Tablo support via Twitter states they are actively working on the app, the previews they’ve seen are nice, it’s very fast.

Another alternative is the Nexus player. Another great device, Tablo runs well on it and it’s on $50 new now. I compared the Apple TV and the nexus player in another forum post. I have both.

Do both the Nexus and apple tv stream from a PC or phone or are they like a Roku a dedicated type of device. Can I run the Nexus from a PC?

Can you provide an example of what you might want to stream from a computer? Mac or Windows?

Just want my Tablo to work. I do also stream amazon prime movies

Windows appreciate the help my wife wants to go back to cable. Between the freezing rebooting and one problem channel in our area she is had it. I know this will do nothing about the problem channel but one is better then none.

I do have an ipad and we both have apple 6 phone

Ok, I was in a similar boat as you. The Nexus player was a huge performance upgrade but no Amazon support (I think you can Chromecast though, not an ideal solution, I prefer a dedicated app.)

In your situation, I’d hold off on the Apple TV until

A. The Tablo app launches on Apple TV
B. Amazon comes out with an Apple TV app (it’s rumored they will, important app if you use Amazon prime)

Thanks I actually do have a chromecast somewhere. I think I will find it first.

Well considering you have two iPhone, an iPad, and a wife that wants to go back to cable. Here is another alternative situation.

Get the Apple TV 4th Gen, use the iPad or iPhones to AirPlay Tablo and Amazon. Both apps are supposed to come to the Apple TV, my rule is that until it’s released, it’s vapor ware.

You can only AirPlay using Apple devices, I don’t think AirPlay will work with Windows

Actually, I have a Chromecast and it sucked with Tablo. Also there isn’t a cast button in iOS, you’ll need an android device or chrome browser on Your computer. When I used the “cast” button to my Nexus player, I had zero issues.

I now test everything and set everything up before anyone uses the device. It just has to work, that’s why I got the 4th Gen Apple TV. I recommend testing a new implementation before the wife touches it.

I now have the Apple TV as the only device hooked up to the tv. It turns it on and off, controls volume, and has most of our television viewing needs (just need the Tablo app). Plus now it’s all simplified in one remote, no need to switch inputs or get the other remote for volume or turn the tv on/off.

ok so back to buying apple tv. Here is what I’m getting Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB,Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m and Remote Loop. Anything else I need?

There is a tablo option for the apple tv 4th gen. you can download plex to your computer set it up, then go to plex channels and search for the tablo channel, sort of a mini tablo app within plex. then download plex to your apple tv, run it go to channels and your tablo channel will be there…

Id recommend a case, remote is $80 to replace and is made of glass. See below

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I was considering this but read that the Tablo plex channel needs an update (not supported by Tablo themselves). I think waiting for the app might be the best option, especially since it needs to be a seamless experience for the wife.

Thank you got the case and yes user ease and robustness with the wife is most important. I almost tried to figure out plex again. Tried once a couple of years ago and not super straight forward and did not really see value. I know lots of people use I just do not want to take the time to learn right now and I don’t need to make it more difficult for wife. I wanted to get an apple tv when I first set up my tablo but keep waiting for new model. Once new model came out the price stopped me. With all the Roku problems over the last 9 months the time has come. I bought all the apple stuff last night and will pick up at my local apple store this morning. Hopefully setup is easy and will fix the freeze wait reboot and fast forward issues I was having. If I used more than the first fast forward it made the pause wait reboot issue happen more often. I will let you know how the apple tv setup works for me. You have been great. I appreciate your help.

You’re welcome, hope it works out. Set up should be simple. Use the “remote” app on your iPhone/iPad to type in credentials for services (Hulu, netflix, etc).

Using airplay, the Tablo works great with the Apple TV4. There are a couple of bugs that I hope the, eventual, app will work out. But in my opinion, it works better than any other streaming device out there.

I had no pausing or buffering issues and once you start the air play, the remote works normally. Scrubbing through the video is a lot faster than the Roku, making advertisements all but disappear.

I love the ATV4 remote, but am a little disappointed at how fragile it is. I have a lot of kids and don’t think the remote will take much abuse. Eventually I think Apple will fix this, but for now I agree with the previous posts be careful and get a cover for it if kids are using it.

I just ordered this remote case. From the looks of it, this will eliminate two major issues with the Siri remote:

  1. Small and slippery, especially for those with large hands
  2. Difficult to quickly determine “which end is up”

Thanks for the suggestion!

If you want a powerful device with a native Tablo app to keep the wife happy, look at the nvidia shield.

Tablo has been working on an AppleTV app for a few months now but most of their team has been dedicated to fixing Roku, so who knows where they’re at on the ATV app and from browsing these forums they still have work to do on Roku…

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