Apple TV Roadmap

Any update on the Apple TV roadmap?

You have to have a Apple TV 4 to get the integrated tablo app, it does not work with gen 3 and below. It has worked great for me, no more screen mirroring the iPad. It does have a long way to go to have the functionality of the ios app but i have faith they will get there.
Or, are you asking something different?

I think he’s asking for info on when the features available in other clients will be available for Apple TV.

Having an updated state of the union sort of post by @TabloTV to address what’s planned for everything would be nice. I understand they can’t reveal all the secrets lest a competitor steal the idea, but at least a quarterly update would be nice.

It would also be helpful to grab all the suggestions for each platform made here in the forum and make a sticky post at the top with a list of Frequently Requested Features, along with a note on their feasibility. For example the 5.1 audio question has a relatively firm not coming soon, but requests like having time somewhere in the interface don’t.

Stuff like that is helpful IMHO for new users and potential buyers who want to know what’s going on with Tablo, and helps cut down on the constant reposting of the same old info.


Speaking of potential buyers, I am one. I’m also new to this forum, so don’t have too much in the way of background information. I have the Apple TV 4 but have not yet made the purchase decision for the Tablo.

What I’d like to know now is what features and capabilities the Apple TV app lacks relative to the other platforms. No need to go into extreme detail on each one, but just a list of what is presently missing on the Apple TV would be very useful. Thanks!

Without an official response from tablo or from a current apple tv 4 user who has compiled a missing feature list this is as close as it gets.

Apple TV 4th gen app is missing Tablo Connect. which means it only works where Tablo is and not at a friends house or motel. Only has recordings all instead of recent.

Thanks Zippy & beastman. That helps somewhat. It looks like the Apple TV 4 app is far from mature and not receiving a lot of attention from Tablo. Fortunately, I don’t need to make a decision soon. Will continue to monitor the situation and hopefully will be able to decide something by the end of the year.

@colocraig - If you want an overview of what’s currently available on Apple TV, the best thing to look at is this blog post:

When we launch new apps, we focus on getting the core daily activities (watching Live TV and watching recordings) completed and then over the coming months we work on adding more features and screens with the goal of feature parity with other apps.

Our goal is to release several updates for the Apple TV app this year and we are currently hiring for this team to accomplish this.


I thought the question was whether there was a list of what features are missing compared to the other apps.