Apple TV 4 App lacks full functionality - will it be getting an update?

I had an old Apple TV 3 box on one TV and an old Roku stick on another. I purchased TABLO and upgraded to Apple TV 4 to get the Tablo app. I also purchased a Fire TV box to replace the Roku stick. I was using the Apple TV box on my main family room TV and the Roku stick (now Fire TV) in an extra room (also have PS3 on main TV that I was using for. Amazon Prime, but was going to replace that with the old Roku stick - don’t like the Amazon app on PS3). Anyway, much to my surprise, discovered that the Apple TV 4 Tablo app doesn’t have all the functionality that I get on Fire TV, iPad or even the Roku stick. All you get with Apple TV is “Live TV” grid and “Recordings”. You don’t get the “Prime Time”, “Movies”, “TV Shows”, etc. options that you get on the others. That’s an issue because if you pay for the 14 day guide, it won’t do you any good on the Apple TV 4 because that functionality isn’t available in the Live TV grid. For me, since I have other devices, I can use them for the missing functionality, but it’s annoying. I wish I hadn’t spent the extra money on the Apple TV 4 and had just gotten a second Fire TV. Could have kept using the Apple TV 3 for stuff I’ve purchased through Apple. So is Apple TV ever going to get full functionality?

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The short answer is that it is still pretty new as far as all their apps go, but yes it will.

I am wondering if the upcoming TV app has thrown a wrench into their update plans as well.

@Dave89 Yes - we’ll slowly be adding those screens and features to Apple TV as we outlined in the launch details:

Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to the to seeing the new features in Apple TV - I hope you won’t be adding them too “slowly”. In the meantime, I still have my iPad, Fire TV, Roku stick and a couple Android devices that I can use to access the other functions, so it’s not a deal breaker for me; however, if someone was thinking about using Apple TV 4 for Tablo and that was their only device, I’d suggest they consider Fire TV.

The browser interface is full featured. That’s what I use to set up new recordings. Much easier to do it at my desk when I can also look at TitanTV or Metacritic.i I use to find all the new stuff coming up.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for new features. The current Roku UI was previewed in November of 2014. While additional features have been added, it’s still not very functional for scheduling TV shows to be recorded.

The “Guide” menu is used for scheduling recordings. For “TV Shows” there is no lower granularity. My tablo doesn’t have that many channels added to it’s list. And yet it still has over 685 TV shows presented in one monolithic alphabetical list.

Of course since November of 2014 both Slingtv and PS vue have been released. And both of their Roku UI’s have had major rewrites.

@zippy is right. The Apple TV app was released in mid-June. @TabloTV replied to you using future tense: “…we’ll slowly be adding…”

I read this as no updates have yet been done in almost 6 months, even though the launch announcement said:

“After the iOS team takes a well-earned catnap, they’ll get back to work on additional screens and features that will be rolled out over the coming months so Apple fans can enjoy a fully-featured Tablo experience on their streaming media device of choice.”

Looks like a catnap is 6 months long.


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Seems like a summer hibernation, mate.

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AppleTV 4 has been flawless working with tablo for 2 months now, again…
Antenna type,location, height…good ac router, good broadband speed.
Like others patiently waiting for more features to integrate other than the 3…recordings…live…Tablo. The ios app has so much more functionality.

Love the tablo
DB 4 antenna, mounted on a eve mount…6 feet above roof height
CMaster 4 port dist amp…no other amp needed as i am 20 miles from towers.
Tablo shares one of the 4 coax ports
Tablo is cat 5 into my asus 68 u router.
All 4 coax ports have a strong signal to the respective tvs.
Getting 20 chanells …720’p stations…30 …480

The new tvOS 11 updated Apple TV today and the channel guide load much faster everything is more snappy on all apps

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