Apple TV recent issue

Hi! Recently, on my Apple TV, when I am watching a recorded show it will stop, show a spinning wheel for a few second and then restart the program or start again at some point previous to where it was at in the program. I can fast forward to return to where I was at but it continues to happen. I’ve never had this issue before. I’m on firmware 2.2.32. I’ve powered off the tablo and restarted it but that hasn’t helped. Is this due to the new update? I’ve watched a show on my iphone and have not had this problem occur. Any advise is appreciated.


I am also seeing the exact same issue, no response from @TabloSupport so far. Near as I can tell either the recent Apple TV update causes the issue or the new firmware or both. It’s super frustrating, it doesn’t happen on every recording it seems to be random for me.

We’re investigating this issue on our end, but haven’t been able to reproduce this yet.

@scinn3 You mentioned that you were able to reproduce this each time - can you try taking a video of this and either sending it to me, or to our support team?

My Apple TV has been doing that also.

I can tell you what I see is the screen goes blank then I see a spinner and the program jumps back to an earlier time. Would the logs from my machine be helpful? It’s not happening all the time for me it’s more random. Maybe we can test if it’s the firmware by downgrading my Tablo back to the previous version? I created a support ticket this morning.

I’m not sure if this has to do with the other problem and I’m Not sure if this should be posted in the beta but I could find the beta thread. But on my Apple TV the app has a orange dot underneath the app and a new problem has started. When I click on a program I record to day like judge Judy or in the heat of the night or any thing recorded today I get the message failed to load. Item not found. But I can watch them on my iPad and iPhone.
I’ve closed the app on Apple TV and restarted the Apple TV and it still it will not play any show recorder today. But if I has show already recorded like happy days it will play. Just show that I delete daily like judge Judy will not load. That all play fine on my iPad and iPhone.

Delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store.

That fixed the problem. Thanks

I’ve got a clip and sent you a message to find out how to send the clip to you. What Steven_k described is exactly what happens.

Maybe you can help with this problem. Now my Tablo plays and disconnects over and over again but only on my Apple TV. I’m having to use my iPhone to air play it to my Apple TV and it works without disconnecting. It also works just fine with my iPad.
I’ve deleted the Tablo Apple TV app restarted my Apple TV did a reset on the Tablo then I power cycle the Tablo. Even power cycled my router and it still keeps disconnecting from my Apple TV. Any suggestions on fixing the problem?

Have you restarted the AppleTV?

I’ve reset everything thing Apple TV WiFi router deleted and reinstalled the app. Reset the Tablo with the blue button the back power cycle the Tablo by unplugging it. Nothing works and the thing is it’s just one of my Apple TV. I have two. But I totally reset the Apple TV where it would erase everything and start from scratch.

It the one in my bedroom so I’m watching Pluto TV.