AppleTV aggro during playback

Anyone else have this issue with Apple TV?While playing recording, screen goes black, spinning bll appears and after a sec recording goes back to beginning. I noticed this happening while I was recording and watching but now it happens while playing back recordings. I think ( not sure) it started after OS and app upgrades.

Does this sound like your problem? Maybe open a support ticket directly with Tablo so they can pull logs to fix it.

It does, I have, and it was fruitless. Small consolation in knowing I’m not alone. Frustrating to know nothing can be done.

Hello, I also have this issue @TabloSupport said they are looking into it. I have sent them some details and a way to replicate the issue that will hopefully help them track the problem down.


As per some one else’s idea I uninstalled , did a system reboot, then reinstalled the app. Same aggravation.

Let us hope.

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