Apple TV Beta Testers?

So I’ve got one of those pretty new Apple TV developers kits arriving on Friday. Interested in having a TV beta tester?

@thanatos0801 - Sweet! We got ours confirmed as well.

Just give us some time to build the app first :wink:


I’m absolutely replacing my Roku with an apple TV, I can’t wait for the Tablo app. I’d be happy to beta test once I buy one (I’m just a gadget crazed guy, not a developer).

What about the new 4K Fire TV?

I’ve seen the interface, its just not right for my household. I don’t have a 4k TV, don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. The BIG feature apple TV has that no one else at the moment has is: One Remote to Turn the TV ON/OFF, control volume, and navigate the interface.

No more switching inputs, no more “where’s the “other” remote”. That’s a game changer at my place, makes using the TV simpler. My SO prefers something straight forward and simple. Ironically we aren’t an “apple” home and usually cringe at buying apple hardware, not when the apple tv comes out. I’m getting it.

I’ll be ordering mine on Monday, I’d beta test if you need more!

I plan on ordering one as well, and would be willing to beta test.

Let us know how you like it!

We’ll let you know when we’re ready for beta.

All I need is the Tablo app and for Amazon Instant/Prime Video to make an app and I’ll buy the new Apple TV.
I’d rather have one device than the Roku 3 and Apple TV I currently use.
I have many movies purchased from iTunes (I like the iTunes Extras) so I can’t go all Roku.

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Please include me in your beta testing. I ordered my Apple TV this morning and can’t wait to ditch the Roku. It works just fine, but a Apple offers all the apps I want where Roku is limited.

Add me to the list as well - @tablotv can you give us an update on progress on building an app? Will it be this month? This quarter? This year? Next year?

I would like to be in on the fun as well. Looking forward to not having to depend on AirPlay in order to enjoy Tablo.

Thanks so much!

I would appreciate being added to the list as well :wink:

Ordered Apple TV Gen 4 and will be looking forward to a native Tablo app as i have completely given up on the Roku/Tablo combination. Thought there might be some hope with Roku 4 but now note “Loading Please Wait” issues persist. Throughout this Roku/Tablo thrash the Apple TV has been rock solid.

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@cmahy - It’s early days yet so I don’t have a specific ETA. Building a fully featured app for Tablo does take time so I can tell you it won’t be available at launch. Once we have a better sense for how progress is going we’ll be able to make a better guestimate on when it will be ready for QA then testing.


Ok thanks, I’m holding off buying one until the beta or the app gets released. Let us know, I’ll purchase once its ready.

@strav22 - As soon as we have enough details to share we will share them.

Looking forward to hearing more about this. Right now it’s the only reason I’m still hanging on to the Tablo.

After getting the Hulu no commercials package, I hardly watch anything live through broadcast and recorded through Tablo – just a couple of CBS shows since they are not on Hulu.

A great Apple TV app might make it worth it to watch more through Tablo. Hopefully it’s something that doesn’t take too long since there are already iOS apps as a foundation to adapt and build from.

Hopefully you don’t have data Caps. I don’t but the Tablo is basically my preparation of them coming. I’m watching the Bulls game right now, live in 1080p, beautiful and requires no internet connection.

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No data caps so far. I guess I’ll see if it stays that way since I’m definitely using a ton of data between streaming Hulu, HBO, Showtime and Netflix.

**By the way, Tablo getting an app out there early on before the App Store is flooded with a ton of apps would get the platform a lot of visibility. Hopefully that is encouraging them to work quickly.